Grace Chang

Grace Chang

PhD candidate

Department of Social Policy

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Key Expertise
Youth, Work experience, Skills development, Inequality

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Research topic:

The relationship between young people’s time allocation and their development

Grace is a PhD candidate in Demography/Population Studies, funded by the LSE PhD Studentship. She was born and raised in Malaysia and holds a Masters in Economics (MSc) and Bachelor’s (BSc Hons) both from the University of Warwick in United Kingdom. She previously worked as a research analyst for about three years in Young Lives, a longitudinal research project that focuses on child poverty, affiliated to the University of Oxford. Prior to that, she worked as a research assistant for close to two years in Khazanah Research Institute in Malaysia, a local think-tank group that provides research-based evidence to guide local government policies.

Research Interests:
My research interests focus on the relationship between young people's choices and their future outcomes. In particular, I examine how young people's time allocation plays a role in their skills development and wellbeing. I explore these relationships globally, as I argue that challenges faced by young people are similar all over the world; be it having to work for your family business as a child, to the decision whether to work while studying at university. Through my research, I hope to understand how we can better shape discourse around advice and policy we target to young people.


Supervisors: Dr Berkay Ozcan and Professor Stephen Jenkins

Expertise Details

Youth; Work experience; Skills development; Inequality