Graduate course guides 2014/15

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AC410 Management Accounting, Strategy and Organisational Control

AC411 Accounting, Strategy and Control

AC412 Accountability, Organisations and Risk Management

AC414 Financial Reporting, Capital Markets and Business Combinations

AC420 Financial Reporting in Capital Markets

AC424 Accounting, Organisations and Institutions

AC425 MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions: Pre-sessional course

AC444 Valuation and Security Analysis

AC464 Management Accounting and Financial Accounting: Decisions, Control, Reporting and Disclosure

AC470 Accounting in the Global Economy

AC471 Accounting in the Global Economy (MSc Management [IMEX route] only)

AC490 Management Accounting, Decisions and Control

AC491 Financial Accounting, Reporting and Disclosure

AC499 Dissertation


AN402 The Anthropology of Religion

AN404 Anthropology: Theory and Ethnography

AN405 The Anthropology of Kinship, Sex and Gender

AN419 The Anthropology of Christianity

AN420 The Anthropology of Southeast Asia

AN421 The Anthropology of Industrialisation and Industrial Life

AN424 The Anthropology of Melanesia

AN436 The Anthropology of Development

AN437 Anthropology of Learning and Cognition

AN439 Anthropology and Human Rights

AN441 Anthropological Fieldwork Methods

AN442 Supervised Reading Course and Fieldwork Preparation

AN443 Research Proposal

AN444 Investigating the Philippines - New Approaches and Ethnographic Contexts

AN447 China in Comparative Perspective

AN449 Ethnography in Relation to Other Research Methods

AN451 Anthropology of Politics

AN455 Statistics and Causal Analysis for Social Anthropologists

AN456 Anthropology of Economy (1): Production and Exchange

AN457 Anthropology of Economy (2): Development, Transformation and Globalisation

AN458 Children and Youth in Contemporary Ethnography

AN459 Anthropology and Media

AN462 The Anthropology of Post-Soviet Eurasia

AN463 The Anthropology of Borders and Boundaries

AN466 Understanding Religion in the Contemporary World

AN467 The Anthropology of South Asia

AN468 The Anthropology of Schooling

AN469 The Anthropology of Amazonia

AN470 Anthropology of Religion: Current Themes and Theories

AN473 Anthropological Approaches to Value

AN497 Dissertation: Religion in the Contemporary World

AN498 Dissertation- MSc China in Comparative Perspective

AN499 Dissertation

AN900 A Programme of Ethnographic Films


DV400 Development: History, Theory and Policy

DV407 Poverty

DV409 Economic Development Policy

DV410 Research Design and Dissertation in Development Studies, Development Management and International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

DV410.1 Social Research Methods in Developing Countries

DV411 Population and Development: an Analytical Approach

DV413 Environmental Problems and Development Interventions

DV415 Global Environmental Governance

DV418 African Development

DV420 Complex Emergencies

DV421 Global Health and Development

DV423 Global Political Economy of Development

DV424 International Institutions and Late Development

DV428 Managing Humanitarianism

DV429 Global Civil Society

DV431 Development Management

DV432 China in Developmental Perspective

DV433 The Informal Economy and Development

DV434 Human Security

DV435 African Political Economy

DV441 Development Policy and Management

DV442 Key Issues in Development Studies

DV445 Research Themes in International Development

DV446 Technical Change, Paradigm Shifts and Global Development

DV447 Public Affairs, International Development and Gendered Violence

DV448 Political Economy of Development I

DV449 Political Economy of Development II

DV450 Bureaucracy and Development

DV451 Money in an Unequal World

DV452 Humanitarian Consultancy Project

DV483 Information Technologies and Socio-Economic Development

DV4B3 MPA Capstone Project

DV4B4 MPA Dissertation

DV4V8 MPA Policy Paper


EC400 Introductory Course in Mathematics and Statistics

EC402 Econometrics

EC406 Economic Policy Analysis

EC408 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for the MPA Programme

EC409E Public Policy in Practice Workshop III

EC410 Public Economics for Public Policy

EC411 Microeconomics

EC413 Macroeconomics

EC421 International Economics

EC421E Global Market Economics

EC423 Labour Economics

EC424 Monetary Economics

EC426 Public Economics

EC427 The Economics of Industry

EC428 Development and Growth

EC440 Micro and Macro Economics (for Public Policy)

EC440E Economic Policy Analysis

EC441 Microeonomics for MRes students

EC442 Macroeconomics for MRes students

EC443 Econometrics for MRes students

EC453 Political Economy

EC454 Development Economics

EC454E Development Economics

EC455 Quantitative Approaches and Policy Analysis

EC455E Empirical Methods for Public Policy

EC475 Quantitative Economics

EC476 Contracts and Organisations

EC484 Econometric Analysis

EC485 Further Topics in Econometrics

EC486 Econometric Methods

EC487 Advanced Microeconomics

EC4B3 MPA Capstone Project

EC4B4 MPA Dissertation

EC4V8 MPA Policy Paper


EH401 Historical Analysis of Economic Change

EH402 Research Design and Quantitative Methods in Economic History

EH404 India and the World Economy

EH408 International Migration, 1500-2000: from slavery to asylum

EH409 Chinese Economy in Transition: 1850-1950

EH412 Research Topics in Economic History A

EH413 African Economic Development in Historical Perspective

EH414 Theories, Paths and Patterns of Late Development

EH419 Research Topics in Economic History

EH422 Topics in Quantitative Economic History

EH423 Japan and Korea as Developing Economies

EH424 The British Economy in Global Perspective, 1000-2000

EH426 Quantitative Topics in Economic History I: Cross-section and panel data

EH427 Quantitative topics in economic history II: time series and economic dynamics

EH428 History of Economics: Making Political Economy into a Social Science

EH429 History of Economics: Ideas, Policy and Performativity

EH446 Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia

EH447 Great Depressions in Economic History

EH451 Latin American Development: Political Economy of Growth

EH452 Latin American Development and Economic History

EH463 The Long-Run Analysis of Firms and Industries

EH464 The Historical Context of Business

EH466 Labour and Work in Preindustrial Europe

EH467 Epidemics: Epidemic Disease in History, 1348-2000

EH472 Essay in Quantitative Economic History

EH473 Research Paper in Quantitative Economic History

EH474 Research Prospectus

EH476 The Economic History of War

EH479 Dissertation in Global History

EH480 Dissertation in Global History

EH481 Economic Change in Global History: Approaches and Analysis

EH482 Pre-Modern Paths of Growth: East and West Compared, c1000-1800/1900

EH483 The Development and Integration of the World Economy in the 19th and 20th Centuries

EH486 Shipping and Sea Power in Asian Waters, c 1600-1860

EH487 International Economic Institutions since World War I

EH491 Dissertation in the Poltical Economy of Late Development

EH496-7 Dissertation- MSc Economic History (Research)

EH498 Dissertation: MSc Economic History (Half Unit)

EH499 Dissertation: MSc Economic History


EU409 Basic Economic Concepts for European Political Economy

EU410 Interdisciplinary Research Methods and Design

EU420 European Law and Government

EU421 Policy-Making in the European Union

EU424 The Idea of Europe

EU425 Interest Representation and Economic Policy- Making in Europe

EU425E Interest groups, markets and democracy (modular)

EU426 The West: Identity and Interests

EU427 European Public and Economic Policy

EU430 Europeanization: The Comparative Politics of Domestic Change

EU431 European Integration from a Global Perspective

EU432 The Philosophy of Europe

EU434 The Political Economy of Southeast Europe

EU435 History and Theory of European Integration

EU437 Europe Beyond Modernity

EU439 Political and Fiscal Integration and Disintegration in EU Member States

EU440 Greece and South Eastern Europe: Government, Economy and Foreign Policy

EU443 European Models of Capitalism

EU443E European Capitalism(s) and the Global Economy

EU446 The Political Economy of European Monetary Integration

EU446E Economic Governance of EMU (modular)

EU447 Democracy, Ideology and the European State

EU449 Emerging Markets, Political Transition and Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe

EU449E Capitalism and Democracy in Central Europe (modular)

EU450 Europe: Contemporary Issues

EU452 Political Economy of Europe

EU452E Key Issues in the Political Economy of Europe (modular)

EU453 The Political Economy of European Welfare States

EU453E The Political Economy of Welfare State Reform (modular)

EU455 Concepts in Political Economy

EU457 Ethnic Diversity and International Society

EU458 Identity, Community and the 'Problem of Minorities'

EU460 European Society and Politics beyond the Nation State

EU462 Partisanship in Europe

EU463 European Human Rights Law

EU464 International Migration: EU Policies and Politics

EU465 Research Methods and Design in EU Politics

EU466 Citizen Representation and Democracy in the European Union

EU473 Informal Governance

EU474 Contested Ideas in EU Law and Government

EU475 Muslims in Europe

EU476 Turkey and Europe

EU497E Dissertation

EU498 Dissertation

EU499 Dissertation

EU4B3 MPA Capstone Project

EU4B4 MPA Dissertation

EU4V8 MPA Policy Paper


FM402 Financial Risk Analysis

FM403 Management and Regulation of Risk

FM404 Forecasting Financial time Series

FM405 Fixed Income Securities and Credit Markets

FM406 Topics in Portfolio Management

FM407 Applied Financial Valuation

FM408 Financial Engineering

FM409 Risk Management for Financial Institutions

FM410 Private Equity

FM413 Fixed Income Markets

FM414 Cases in Corporate Finance

FM421 Applied Corporate Finance

FM422 Corporate Finance

FM423 Asset Markets

FM429 Asset Markets A

FM430 Corporate Finance and Asset Markets

FM431L Corporate Finance A

FM431M Corporate Finance A

FM436 Financial Economics

FM437 Financial Econometrics

FM438 Advanced Asset Pricing

FM440 Corporate Finance Theory

FM441 Derivatives

FM442 Quantitative Methods in Finance and Risk Analysis

FM445 Portfolio Management

FM447 Global Financial Systems

FM457 MATLAB for MSc Students

FM458 Financial Economics Preparatory Course

FM472 International Finance

FM473 Finance I

FM474 Finance II

FM475 Financial Management

FM481 Financial Econometrics for Research Students

FM482 Research paper in Finance

FM492 Principles of Finance

FM499 Dissertation

FM4T0 Financial Risk Analysis - Dissertation

FM4T1 Forecasting Financial time Series - Dissertation

FM4T2 Applied Corporate Finance - Dissertation

FM4T3 Corporate Finance Theory - Dissertation

FM4T4 Cases in Corporate Finance

FM4T5 Portfolio Management - Dissertation

FM4T6 Topics in Portfolio Management - Dissertation

FM4T7 Global Financial Systems - Dissertation

FM4T8 Financial Engineering - Dissertation

FM4T9 International Finance - Dissertation

FM4U1 Fixed Income Markets - Dissertation

FM4U2 Quantitative Methods for Finance and Risk Analysis (Dissertation)

FM4U3 Advanced Asset Pricing Dissertation

FM4U5 Fixed Income Securities and Credit Markets

FM4U7 Applied Financial Valuation - Dissertation

FM4U9 Risk Management for Financial Institutions - Dissertation


GI400 Gender Theories in the Modern World: An Interdisciplinary Approach

GI402 Gender, Knowledge and Research Practice

GI403 Gender and Media Representation

GI407 Globalisation, Gender and Development

GI409 Gender, Globalisation and Development: An Introduction

GI410 Screening the Present: contemporary cinema and cultural critique

GI411 Gender, Postcoloniality, Development: Critical Perspectives and New Directions

GI413 Gender and Militarisation

GI414 Gender and Social Policy: Theory and Practice

GI415 Gender and European Welfare States

GI416 Gender and Transition Societies: Politics, Policies and Patterns

GI417 Gender, Population, and Policy

GI418 Feminist Economics and Policy: An Introduction

GI419 Gender and Contemporary Social Movements

GI420 Globalisation, Gender and Development: Theorising Policy and Practice

GI421 Sexuality, Gender and Culture

GI422 Sexuality, Gender and Globalisation

GI499 Dissertation


GV403 Network Regulation

GV408 Contemporary Disputes about Justice

GV427 Democracy in East and South Asia

GV432 Government and Politics in China

GV439 Government and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

GV441 States and Markets

GV442 Globalisation and Democracy

GV443 The State and Political Institutions in Latin America

GV444 Democracy and Development in Latin America

GV450 European Politics: Comparative Analysis

GV454 Parties, Elections and Governments

GV465 War, Peace and Politics of National Self-Determination

GV467 Introduction to Comparative Politics

GV476 Twentieth Century European Liberal Thought

GV477 Comparative Public Policy Change

GV478 Political Science and Public Policy

GV478E Political Science and Public Policy

GV479 Nationalism

GV481 Political Science and Political Economy

GV482 Political Science and Political Economy: Advanced Topics

GV483 Public Management Theory and Doctrine

GV488 Law and Politics of Regulation

GV488E Regulatory Analysis

GV498 Multiculturalism

GV499 Dissertation

GV4A2 Citizens' Political Behaviour in Europe: Elections Public Opinion and Identities

GV4A3 Social Choice Theory and Democracy

GV4A4 The Politics of Globalization

GV4A5 International Migration and Immigration Management

GV4A8 Nationalist Conflict, Political Violence and Terrorism

GV4B3 MPA Capstone Project

GV4B4 MPA Dissertation

GV4B6 Kant's Political Philosophy

GV4B7 The Liberal Idea of Freedom

GV4B8 The Politics of Civil Wars

GV4B9 The Second Europe

GV4C2 Globalization, Conflict and Post-Totalitarianism

GV4C4 Legislative Politics: US

GV4C5 Politics of Economic Policy

GV4C6 Legislative Politics: European Parliament

GV4C7 Warfare and National Identity

GV4C8 Game Theory for Political Science

GV4C9 Democratization and its Discontents in Southeast Asia

GV4D3 Local Power in an Era of Globalization, Democratization, and Decentralization

GV4D4 The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution

GV4D5 Organisations, Power and Leadership

GV4D7 Dilemmas of Equality

GV4E1 Comparative Democratization in a Global Age

GV4E2 Capitalism and Democracy

GV4E3 Democratisation, Conflict and Statebuilding

GV4E4 Public Budgeting and Financial Management

GV4E4E Fiscal Governance and Budgeting

GV4E8 Conflict and Institutional Design in Divided Societies

GV4E9 Approaches and Issues in Public Policy and Administration

GV4F2 Popular Politics in the Middle East

GV4F4 The Politics of Policy Advice

GV4F5 Advanced Study of Key Political Thinkers

GV4F8 Institutions in the Global Economy

GV4F9 African Politics, Wars and Violence

GV4G1 Applied Quantitative Methods for Political Science

GV4G3 Foundations of Political Theory (MRes)

GV4G4 Comparative Conflict Analysis

GV4G5 The History and Politics of the Modern Middle East

GV4G6 Nationalism and Global Politics

GV4G7 Marx and Marxism

GV4G8E Public Policy in Practice Workshop I

GV4G9E Public Policy in Practice Workshop II

GV4H1 Chinese Political Thought

GV4H2 Contemporary India: The World's Largest Democracy in the Early 21st Century

GV4H3 Feminist Political Theory

GV4H4 Foundations of Political Theory

GV4H5 The Politics and Philosophy of Environmental Change

GV4H7 Subnational Politics in Comparative Perspective

GV4V8 MPA Policy Paper


GY400 The Economics of Urbanization in Developing Countries

GY403 Contemporary Debates in Human Geography

GY404 Topics in Local Economic Development

GY407 Globalization, Regional Development and Policy

GY408 Local Economic Development and Policy

GY409 Globalization and Regional Development

GY410 Economics of Local and Regional Development

GY413 Regional Development and Policy

GY415 Local Capacity and Economic Development Policy

GY420 Environmental Regulation: Implementing Policy

GY421 Gender and Development : Geographical Perspectives

GY423 Environment and Development

GY426 Environmental and Resource Economics

GY427 Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy

GY428 Applied Quantitative Methods

GY431 Cities, People and Poverty in the South

GY432 Urban Ethnography

GY438 Cities and Social Change in East Asia

GY439 Cities, Politics and Citizenship

GY441 The Politics of Housing

GY445 Urban Theory, Policy and Practice in the Global South

GY446 Planning for Sustainable Cities

GY447 The Economics of Regional and Urban Planning

GY448 Social and Political Aspects of Regional and Urban Planning

GY449 Urban Futures

GY450 Planning Practice and Research

GY454 Urban Policy and Planning

GY455 Economic Appraisal and Valuation

GY457 Applied Urban and Regional Economics

GY458 Real Property Market Practice

GY460 Techniques of Spatial Economic Analysis

GY462 Real Estate Finance

GY464 Race and Space

GY465 Concepts in Environmental Regulation

GY467 Global Migration and Development

GY468 Environment and Development: Sustainability, Technology and Business

GY469 Environment and Development: Ecosystem Services and the Global South

GY475 Issues in Environmental Governance

GY479 Urban Revolutions

GY480 Remaking China: Geographical aspects of Development and Disparity

GY499 Dissertation


HY400 Crisis Decision-Making in War and Peace 1914-2003

HY411 European Integration in the Twentieth Century

HY422 Presidents, Public Opinion, and Foreign Policy, from Roosevelt to Reagan, 1933-89

HY423 Empire, Colonialism and Globalisation

HY424 The Napoleonic Empire: The Making of Modern Europe

HY426 The European Enlightenment, c1680-1799

HY429 Anglo-American Relations from World War to Cold War

HY432 From Cold Warriors to Peacemakers: the End of the Cold War Era, 1979-1999

HY434 The Rise and Fall of Communism in Europe 1917-1990

HY435 Political Islam: From Ibn Taymiyya to Osama bin Laden

HY436 Race, Violence and Colonial Rule in Africa

HY438 Western Intellectuals and the Challenge of Totalitarianism

HY439 War Cultures, 1890-1945

HY440 The Emergence of Modern Iran: State, Society and Diplomacy

HY441 Islam, State and Rebellion in the Indonesian Archipelago

HY442 Secret Intelligence in the 20th century

HY444 The Cold War in Latin America

HY447 Hacking The Archive

HY458 LSE-Columbia University Double Degree Dissertation

HY461 East Asia in the Age of Imperialism, 1839-1945

HY463 The Origins of the Cold War, 1917-1962

HY465 The International History of the Balkans since 1939: State Projects, Wars, and Social Conflict

HY469 Maps, History and Power: The Spaces and Cultures of the Past

HY470 What is international about the 'International'?

HY498 Dissertation: LSE-PKU Double Degree in MSc International Affairs

HY499 Dissertation


ID410 Management of Human Resources: Strategies and Policy

ID411 International and Comparative Human Resource Management

ID419 Cross Cultural Management

ID420 Leadership in Organisations: Theory and Practice

ID421 Human Resource Management and Employment Regulation

ID423 The Dark Side of the Organisation

ID430 Organisational Behaviour

ID431 Organisational Change

ID432 International Employment Relations

ID433 Negotiation Analysis

ID434 Managing Diversity in Organisations

ID435 Organisational Theory

ID436 Advanced and Emerging Topics in Organisational Behaviour

ID437 Reward System: Key Models and Practices

ID438 Globalisation and Human Resource Management

ID439 Foundations of Business and Management for Human Resources

ID440 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards

ID441 Contemporary Issues in HR Management

ID493 Human Resource Policy and Practice

ID496 Dissertation: Organisational Behaviour

ID499 Dissertation


IR407 International Political Economy of the Environment

IR410 International Politics

IR411 Foreign Policy Analysis III

IR412 International Institutions

IR415 Strategic Aspects of International Relations

IR416 The EU in the World

IR418 International Politics: Asia & the Pacific

IR419 International Relations of the Middle East

IR422 Conflict and Peace Studies

IR429 Economic Diplomacy

IR431 European Union Policy Making in a Global-Context

IR433 The International Politics of EU Enlargement

IR434 European Defence and Security

IR436 Theories of International Relations

IR437 Postcolonial Perspectives in International Relations

IR439 Diplomacy

IR442 Diplomacy and Challenges

IR443 Strategy in a Changing World

IR444 Strategy in Action

IR445 Chinese Foreign and Security Policy

IR447 Political Economy of International Labour Migration

IR448 American Grand Strategy

IR449 Conflict and Peacebuilding

IR450 International Political Economy

IR451 Politics of Money in the World Economy

IR452 Empire and Conflict in World Politics

IR457 The Political Economy of International Trade

IR460 Comparative Political Economy

IR461 Islam in International Relations: From Al-Andalus to Afghanistan

IR462 Introduction to International Political Theory

IR463 The International Political Theory of Humanitarian Intervention

IR464 The Politics of International Law

IR465 The International Politics of Culture and Religion

IR466 Genocide

IR481 Europe, the US and Arab-Israeli Relations

IR482 Russia and Eurasia: Foreign and Security Policies

IR496 Dissertation: MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy (1.5 units)

IR499 Dissertation


IS415 eHealth: Policy, Strategy and Systems

IS416 eHealth: Policy, Strategy and Systems

IS417 Global Sourcing and Management of Business and IT Services

IS418 Social Computing, Data and Information Services

IS470 Innovation and Information Systems: Concepts and Perspectives

IS471 Innovating Organisational Information Technology

IS472 Global Strategy, Management and Information Systems

IS479 Information Systems for the Public Sector: Digital Government and Service Innovation

IS480 Information Technology and Service Innovation

IS485 Management and Economics of E-Business

IS489 Data Governance: Privacy, Openness and Transparency

IS490 Study Skills and Research Methods

IS499 Dissertation: MSc MISDI


LL400E European Capital Markets Law

LL401E The Law of Armed Conflict

LL402E Key Issues in Transnational Environmental Law

LL403E International Human Rights: Concepts, Law and Practice

LL404E European and UK Human Rights Law

LL405E Dispute Resolution and Advanced Mediation

LL406E Regulation of Financial Markets I

LL407 Media and Communications Regulation

LL407E Regulation of Financial Markets II

LL408E Comparative Constitutional Law: Institutions

LL409E Comparative Constitutional Law:Rights

LL410E International Financial Law and Practice I

LL411E International Financial Law and Practice II

LL412E International Economic Law I

LL413E International Economic Law II

LL415E Fundamentals of International Commercial Arbitration

LL416E Advanced Issues of International Commercial Arbitration

LL417E International Commercial Contracts: General Principles

LL418E Comparative Corporate Governance

LL419E Law of Corporate Finance

LL420E International Law and Climate Change

LL423E Media Law: Regulating Publication

LL424E Media Law: Regulating Newsgathering

LL425E Competition Law

LL426E Theory of Human Rights Law

LL427E Constitutional Law and Theory

LL430E Investment Treaty Law

LL431E Takeover regulation in the UK and US

LL432E Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings

LL433E EU State Aid Law

LL434E Regulation: Strategies, Theories and Implementation

LL435E Innovation, Technology and Patent Law

LL436E Philosophy of EU Law

LL437E International Criminal Law

LL438E Commercial Remedies

LL439E UK Corporate Law

LL440 Corporate Accountability: Topics in Legal and Accounting Regulation

LL440E Digital Rights, Privacy and Security

LL441E Employment Law

LL442E Insolvency Law: Principles, Rescue and Reconstruction Processes

LL443E Insolvency Law: Company Liquidation and Stakeholder Interests

LL444E International Law and the Use of Force

LL468 European Human Rights Law

LL469 UK Human Rights Law

LL475 Terrorism and the Rule of Law

LL490 LLM Self-standing full unit Dissertation

LL497 Half Unit Self Standing Elective Essay

LL499 Dissertation: MSc Regulation

LL4A1 LLM Subject Area Specialist Research Seminars

LL4A5 Investment Funds Law in Europe

LL4A6 Climate Change and International Law

LL4A8 International Law and the Use of Force

LL4A9 Law in War

LL4AA Global Copyright Policy: Contemporary Issues

LL4AB Law and Administrative Procedures in the EU

LL4AC Legal Accountability and Redress of Grievance in the EU

LL4AD Rethinking International Law I: International Law and Contemporary Problems

LL4AE Rethinking International Law II: International Legal Thought

LL4AF Principles of Global Competition Law

LL4AG Competition Law: Challenges and Prospects

LL4AH Corporate Governance

LL4AJ Insolvency Law: Principles, Rescue and Reconstruction Processes

LL4AK Insolvency Law: Company Liquidation and Stakeholder Interests

LL4AL International Business Transactions: Commercial Litigation

LL4AM International Business Transactions: Advanced Procedure and Tactics

LL4AN International Business Transactions: Transnational Torts

LL4AP International Business Transactions: Contracts and Property

LL4AQ Constitutional Theory

LL4AR International Criminal Law 1: Core Crimes and Concepts

LL4AS International Criminal Law 2: Prosecution and Practice

LL4AT Regulation: Strategies and Enforcement

LL4AU Regulation: Legal and Political Aspects

LL4AV Global Trade Governance: Contemporary Issues

LL4AW Foundations of International Human Rights Law

LL4AX Selected Topics in International Human Rights Law

LL4AY International Tax Systems

LL4AZ International Tax Systems: Advanced Problems

LL4B1 Foundations of International Economic Law

LL4BA International Law and the Movement of Persons within States

LL4BB International Law and the Movement of Persons Between States

LL4BC Policing and Police Powers

LL4BD Policing: Contemporary Issues and Controversies

LL4BE Principles of Financial Regulation

LL4BF International Financial Regulation

LL4BG Philosophy of European Union Law

LL4BH Contemporary Issues of European Union Law

LL4BK Corporate Crime

LL4BL Financial Crime

LL4BM The Legal Protection of Inventions

LL4BN Innovation, Technology and Patent Law

LL4BP Current Issues in Intellectual and Cultural Property Law

LL4BQ Trade Mark Law

LL4BR Brands and Trade Marks: Contemporary Issues

LL4BT Cultural Property and Heritage Law

LL4BU Art and Antiquities Law

LL4BV Transnational Environmental Law

LL4BW Law and Political Thought

LL4BX Corporate Governance - Advanced Topics

LL4BY An Introduction to the International Human Rights of Women

LL4BZ International Human Rights of Women: Advanced Issues

LL4C2 World Poverty and Human Rights

LL4C5 Fundamentals of International Commercial Arbitration

LL4C6 Advanced Issues of International Commercial Arbitration

LL4CA Law and Social Theory

LL4CB Modern Legal History: Private Law and the Economy 1750-1950

LL4CC Commercial Remedies

LL4CD European Company Law

LL4CE Security and Criminal Law

LL4CF UK Corporate Law

LL4CG Understanding Issues in Tax Law and Policy

LL4CH Current Issues in Tax Law and Policy

LL4CJ Comparative Corporate Taxation

LL4CK Taxation of Corporate Transactions

LL4CL Explaining Punishment: Philosophy, Political Economy, Sociology

LL4CM Law in the Economy

LL4CN New Technologies in Law and the Body

LL4E6 International Dispute Resolution: Courts and Tribunals

LL4E7 Investment Treaty Law

LL4E8 Law in Society: A Joint Course in Law and Anthropology

LL4E9 Dissertation: MSc Law, Anthropology and Society

LL4F1 Secured Financing in Commercial Transactions

LL4F2 The Law and Practice of International Finance

LL4F3 Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings in Europe

LL4F4 Takeover Regulation in the UK and the US

LL4F6 International Dispute Resolution: Non-Adjudicatory

LL4F9 Legal Research and Writing Skills

LL4G6 International Commodity Sales

LL4G7 Mental Health Law: The Civil Context

LL4G8 Law of Corporate Finance

LL4G9 European Monetary and Banking Law

LL4H2 Media Law: Regulating Publication

LL4H3 Media Law: Regulating Newsgathering

LL4H4 Financial Law

LL4H7 Foundations of Legal Theory

LL4H8 Employment Law

LL4H9 Human Rights in the Workplace

LL4J1 Critical Perspectives on Legal Theory

LL4K2 Law of International Economic and Financial Sanctions

LL4K4 The International Law of Self-Determination

LL4K5 International Commercial Contracts - General Principles

LL4K6 International Uniform Sales Law

LL4K7 Mental Health Law: The Criminal Context

LL4K8 Law of Corporate Finance: Securities Regulation

LL4K9 European Capital Markets Law

LL4L1 The Theory and Practice of Dispute Resolution

LL4L5 Socio-legal Theory and Practice

LL4L6 Theory of Human Rights Law

LL4L7 Advanced Mediation

LL4N6 Principles of Copyright Law

LL4S1 Cyberlaw

LL4S2 E-Commerce Law

LL4S4 Digital Rights, Privacy and Security

LL4S5 Piracy, Content and Ownership in the Information Society

LL4Z1 Business Taxation

LL4Z2 Principles of Taxation

LL4Z3 Consumption Taxes

LL4Z4 Value Added Tax in the EU

LL4Z5 EU State Aid Law

LL4Z6 Comparative Constitutional Law: Institutions

LL4Z7 Comparative Constitutional Law: Rights

LL4Z9 Banking Law


MA400 September Introductory Course (Financial Mathematics)

MA402 Game Theory I

MA407 Algorithms and Computation

MA408 Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory

MA409 Continuous Time Optimisation

MA410 Information Communication and Cryptography

MA411 Probability and Measure

MA412 Functional Analysis and its Applications

MA413 Games of Incomplete Information

MA414 Stochastic Analysis

MA415 The Mathematics of the Black and Scholes Theory

MA416 The Foundations of Interest Rate and Credit Risk Theory

MA417 Computational Methods in Finance

MA418 Preferences, Optimal Portfolio Choice, and Equilibrium

MA419 Search Games

MA420 Quantifying Risk and Modelling Alternative Markets

MA421 Advanced Algorithms

MA422 Research Topics in Financial Mathematics

MA498 Dissertation in Mathematics


MC401 Mediated Resistance and Citizens

MC402 The Audience in Media and Communications

MC403 Contemporary Issues in Media and Communications Policy

MC404 Political Communication

MC405 Current issues in Media and Communications: Policies for ICTs, Society and Development

MC407 International Media and The Global South

MC408 Theories and Concepts in Media and Communications I (Key concepts and interdisciplinary approaches)

MC409 Media, Technology and Everyday Life

MC411 Media and Globalization

MC413 Information, Communication and Knowledge Systems

MC416 Representation in the Age of Globalisation

MC417 Democracy and the Media

MC418 Theories and Concepts in Media and Communications II (Processes of communication in modern life)

MC419 Modern Campaigning Politics

MC420 Identity, Transnationalism and the Media

MC421 Critical Approaches to Media, Communication and Development

MC422 Critical Studies in Media and Journalism

MC423 Global Media Industries

MC424 Media and Communication Governance

MC425 Interpersonal Mediated Communication

MC426 Film Theory and World Cinema

MC427 Digital Media Futures

MC428 Media Culture and Neoliberalism in the Global South

MC499 Dissertation: Media and Communications

MC4M1 Methods of Research in Media & Communications (including Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis)

MC4M2 Advanced Methods of Research in Media & Communications (including Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis)


MG401 Operations Management

MG402 Public Management: A Strategic Approach

MG403 Pricing Strategy

MG404 Behavioural Fundamentals for Marketing and Management

MG405 Behavioural Decision Science

MG406E Behavioural Decision Science

MG407E Goals and Motivation for Individuals and Teams

MG411 Firms and Markets

MG412 Globalization and Strategy

MG414 Public Management and Governance

MG415 Policy Analysis, Evaluation and Implementation

MG416 Project

MG417 Extended Essay

MG418 Open Innovation

MG419 Public Management - Strategy, Innovation and Delivery

MG420 Dissertation

MG421 Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets

MG422 Thinking Strategically

MG423 Leading Entrepreneurial Organisations in Global Markets

MG425 Global Business Management

MG426 Organisations in the Economy and Society

MG427 Innovation in Organisations

MG428 Enterprise Development

MG430 Strategy, Organisation and Innovation

MG431 Managerial Economics

MG434 Organisational Behaviour

MG436 Firms, Markets and Crises

MG437 Business Model Innovation at the 'Base of the Pyramid'

MG438 Business Model Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid

MG440 Managerial Economics (modular)

MG441 Foundations of Management (modular)

MG443 Organisational Behaviour (modular)

MG444 Getting Things Done With Research

MG445 Marketing Strategy (modular)

MG446 Strategy, Organisation and Innovation (modular)

MG447 Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets (modular)

MG450 Social Network Analysis and Strategies

MG452 Behavioural Economics for Management

MG453 Managing Digital Business

MG454 Leadership (modular)

MG455 Behavioural Decision Science for Management and Policy

MG456 Risk and Decision Analysis for Management and Policy

MG457 Foundations of Management 2 (modular)

MG458 Foundations of Management I

MG459 Foundations of Management 2

MG460 Handling Disruption: Humanitarian Emergencies Management and Development

MG461 Quantitative Analysis in Management

MG462 Qualitative Analysis in Management

MG463 CEMS Global Management Practice

MG464 CEMS Global Business Principles

MG482 Innovation and Technology Management

MG488 MiM Capstone Course - Management in Action

MG489 Professional Development Programme and Business Project

MG498 Dissertation/Capstone Project

MG499 Dissertation

MG4A1 MSc Management pre-sessional: Skills Preparation for the MiM


MN404 Incentives and Governance in Organisations

MN413 International Marketing: A Strategic Approach

MN415 The Analysis of Strategy A

MN416 The Analysis of Strategy B

MN425 Business in the Global Environment

MN426 Design and Management of Organisations

MN428 Evolutionary Psychology and Management

MN429 The World Trading System

MN430 Strategy for the Information Economy

MN431 Corporate Strategy

MN432 Personnel Economics

MN434 Empirical Research Strategy for Managerial Economics

MN497 Dissertation: MSc Management and Strategy

MN499 Dissertation


MY400 Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design

MY421 Qualitative Research Methods

MY426 Doing Ethnography

MY427 Qualitative Research with Non-Traditional Data

MY428 Qualitative Text Analysis

MY429 Special Topics in Qualitative Research: Introspection-based Methods in Social Research

MY451 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

MY452 Applied Regression Analysis

MY455 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement

MY456 Survey Methodology

MY457 Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Studies

MY459 Special Topics in Quantitative Analysis: Applied Statistical Computing

MY499 Dissertation

MY4M1 Foundations of Social Research 1

MY4M2 Foundations of Social Research 2


OR401 Techniques of Operational Research

OR406 Mathematical Programming: Theory and Algorithms

OR408 Combinatorial Optimisation

OR409 Auctions and Game Theory

OR414 Advanced Topics in Operational Research

OR426 Computer Modelling: Applied Statistics and Simulation

OR428 Model Building in Mathematical Programming

OR432 Operational Research and Decision Science in Practice

OR437 Solving Unsolvable Problems: NP- completeness and how to cope with it

OR440 Applied Management Science

OR499 Dissertation: MSc Management Science


PH400 Philosophy of Science

PH404 Scientific Revolutions: Philosophical and Historical Issues

PH405 Philosophy of the Social Sciences

PH413 Philosophy of Economics

PH415 Philosophy and Public Policy

PH416 Philosophy, Morals and Politics

PH418 Dissertation Seminar - Economics and Philosophy

PH419 Set Theory and Further Logic

PH421 Dissertation Seminar - Philosophy and Public Policy

PH422 Dissertation Seminar - Philosophy of Social Science

PH423 Scientific Method and Policy

PH425 Business and Organisational Ethics

PH426E Philosophy and Public Policy

PH427 Genes, Brains and Society

PH428 Emotion, Cognition and Behaviour: Science and Policy

PH429 Global Justice

PH430 Chaos and Spacetime Introduction to Philosophy of Physics I

PH431 Quanta and Entropy - Introduction to Philosophy of Physics II

PH445 Dissertation Seminar - Philosophy of Science

PH456 Rationality and Choice

PH458 Evidence and Policy

PH459 Governing Knowledge: Foundational Issues in Science Policy

PH499 Dissertation


PS400 Contemporary Social and Cultural Psychology

PS404 Organisational Social Psychology

PS409 Political Psychology of Intercultural Relations

PS410 Social Representations

PS411 Current Communication Research

PS415 The Social Psychology of Economic Life

PS418 Health Communication

PS421 Issues in Social Psychology: Group Dynamics

PS428 Knowledge Processes in Organizations

PS429 The Social Psychology of Communication

PS438 Corporate Communications

PS439 Science, Technology and Resistance

PS443 Societal Psychology

PS445 Organisational and Social Decision Making

PS446 Issues in Organizational and Social Psychology: Organizational Life

PS447 Psychoanalysis and Communication

PS451 Cognition and Culture

PS456 Consumer Psychology

PS458 Creativity and Innovation

PS460 Inter-cultural Relations and Racism

PS461 Health, Community and Development

PS462 Theory and Practice of Organisational Development

PS464 Social Influence

PS497 Dissertation

PS4A1 Methods for Social Psychology Research: Fundamental Qualitative and Fundamental Quantitative Methods

PS4A2 Methods for Social Psychology Research: Advanced Qualitative and Fundamental Quantitative Methods

PS4A3 Methods for Social Psychology Research: Advanced Quantitative and Fundamental Qualitative Methods

PS4A4 Methods for Social Psychology Research: Advanced Qualitative and Advanced Quantitative Methods

PS940 The Psychology Department Seminar


SA403 Criminal Justice Policy

SA407 Financing Health Care

SA408 Health Economics

SA409 Social Security Policies

SA427 Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy

SA429 Understanding Social (Dis)advantage

SA447 Foundations of Health Policy

SA451 Social Policy Research

SA465 Criminal Justice Policy - Long Essay

SA466 European and Comparative Social Policy - Long Essay

SA470 Dissertation - Social Policy and Development: Non-Governmental Organisations

SA471 Social Policy and Planning - Long Essay

SA472 Dissertation - Social Policy and Development

SA481 Population Analysis: Methods and Models

SA485 Planning for Population and Development

SA488 Social Policy Goals and Issues

SA492 Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation

SA493 Demographic Change and Development

SA499 Dissertation: Population and Development

SA4A6 Dissertation: MSc International Health Policy and MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)

SA4B3 MSc Health, Population and Society Dissertation

SA4B5 International Planning and Children's Rights

SA4B8 Ethnicity, Race and Social Policy

SA4B9 Education Policy, Reform and Financing

SA4C1 Long Essay and the Research Process

SA4C2 Basic Education for Social Development

SA4C3 Statistical Methods in Health Care Economic Evaluation

SA4C4 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care

SA4C6 International Housing and Human Settlements; Conflicts and Communities

SA4C8 Globalisation and Social Policy

SA4C9 Social Policy - Organisation and Innovation

SA4D1 Social Epidemiology

SA4D2 Global Health and Population Change

SA4D3 Valuing Health

SA4D4 Measuring Health System Performance

SA4D5 Social Rights and Human Welfare

SA4D6 Health Systems and Policies in Developing Countries

SA4E1 Health Administration and Management

SA4E2 Resource Allocation and Cost-effectiveness Analysis

SA4E3 Dissertation in Health Economics, Policy and Management

SA4E6 Rural Development and Social Policy

SA4E9 Advanced Health Economics

SA4F1 Migration: Population Trends and Policies

SA4F2 Principles of Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Trials

SA4F3 US Health Policy

SA4F7 The Economics of European Social Policy

SA4F8 Behavioural Public Policy

SA4F9 Housing, Neighbourhoods and Communities

SA4G1 Financing Health Care

SA4G2 Health Economics

SA4G3 Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy

SA4G4 Statistical Methods in Health Care Economic Evaluation

SA4G5 Valuation, Behaviour and Policy

SA4G6 Measuring Health System Performance

SA4G8 The Third Sector

SA4G9 Dissertation for MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing

SA4H London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Units

SA4H7 Urbanisation and Social Policy in the Global South

SA4H9 Non-Governmental Organisations, Social Policy and Development

SA4J8 Social Policy and Development: Core Concepts

SA4J9 States, Social Policy and Development

SA4K1 Global Health Policy: Institutions, Actors and Politics

SA4K2 Sexuality, Everyday Lives and Social Policy in Developing Countries

SA4K3 MPA Capstone Project

SA4K4 MPA Dissertation

SA4K7 Health Care Negotiations

SA4K8 Health Care Quality Management

SA4K9 Advanced Health Economics

SA4L1 The Governance of Welfare: The Nation State and the European Union

SA4L2 Contemporary Issues in European Social Policy

SA4L4 Behaviour, Happiness and Public Policy

SA4L5 Applied Health Econometrics

SA4L6 Illegal Drugs and Their Control: Theory, Policy and Practice

SA4M1 Politics of Social Policy: Welfare and Work in Comparative Perspective

SA4M2E Behavioural Science and Policy

SA4M3E Research Methods for Behavioural Science

SA4M4E Policy Appraisal and Impact Assessment

SA4M5E Dissertation in Behavioural Science

SA4N7 Economics of Health and Wellbeing

SA4V8 MPA Policy Paper

SA4X6 Welfare Analysis and Measurement

SA4X6E Welfare Analysis and Measurement


SO401 Social Research Methods

SO407 Politics and Society

SO420 Globalisation: Economy, Politics and Power

SO424 Approaches to Human Rights

SO425 Regulation, Risk and Economic Life

SO426 Classical Social Thought

SO427 Modern Social Thought

SO430 Economic Sociology

SO433 Cultural Theory

SO434 Cultural Theory and Cultural Forms

SO438 Sociology of Employment I: Social Relations at Work

SO444 Qualitative Methods for Cultural Research

SO448 City Design: Research Studio

SO449 Independent Project

SO451 Cities by Design

SO454 Families in Contemporary Societies: a Life Course Perspective

SO457 Political Reconciliation

SO458 Gender and Societies

SO463 Contemporary Social Thought

SO465 City-making: the Politics of Urban Form

SO466 Race and Biopolitics

SO468 International Migration and Migrant Integration

SO469 Risk and Governance: A Sociological Approach

SO470 The Sociology of Markets

SO471 Technology, Power and Culture

SO473 Crime, Control and the City

SO475 Material Culture and Design

SO476 Researching Migration: research questions and research methods

SO477 Urban Social Theory

SO479 Human Rights and Postcolonial Theory

SO480 Urban Inequalities

SO481 Class, Politics and Culture

SO482 Topics in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies

SO499 Dissertation


ST405 Multivariate Methods

ST409 Stochastic Processes

ST411 Generalised Linear Modelling and Survival Analysis

ST416 Multilevel Modelling

ST418 Non-Linear Dynamics and the Analysis of Real Time Series

ST421 Developments in Statistical Methods

ST422 Time Series

ST425 Statistical Inference: Principles, Methods and Computation

ST426 Applied Stochastic Processes

ST427 Insurance Mathematics

ST429 Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance

ST433 Computational Methods in Finance and Insurance

ST435 Advanced Probability Theory

ST436 Financial Statistics

ST439 Stochastics for Derivatives Modelling

ST440 Recent Developments in Finance and Insurance

ST441 Introduction to Markov Processes and their Applications

ST442 Longitudinal Data Analysis

ST450 Advanced Lectures on Special Topics in Statistics

ST499 Dissertation