Professor Ibáñez Colomo on app developers' EU antitrust complaint vs Apple

 30 April 2019
















Professor Pablo Ibáñez Colomo was recently quoted in Wired magazine about the case of two app developers who have lodged a complaint with the European Union’s antitrust authority, alleging that Apple deliberately used its control over the App Store to try and give itself an advantage over apps that competed with the firm’s Screen Time feature:

"Looking into this matter means tackling very difficult technical, economic and legal questions. It is not clear, for instance, whether the European Commission would define the App Store as a single marketplace or as one part of a larger marketplace. And there is also the possibility that strong-handed regulation of the App Store, if it came to pass, could have the opposite of the intended effect on competition. Whether the European Commission wants to open up that particular can of worms is a wide-open question. The moment you start to go down this road, defining the boundaries of what is allowed and what is not, it is very tricky, and if you take it too far it may become unmanageable.”

read the Wired article in full here