The Huddle and the Virtual Huddle

The Huddle is an exclusive study area for Language Centre BSc students.

John Heyworth

How we are keeping you safe and supported

We are following all the advice and guidance given to us at School level. 

In the Language Centre we have small class sizes and staff are well equipped to teach their students online. Since the Lent Term 2020, we have increased our personal approach with more 1-2-1 support, small group tutorials and additional support from Academic mentors. 

With social distancing measures in place, space will be at a premium on campus. So, we have decided to close our Reception in 20KSW and make, The Huddle an exclusive study area for Language Centre BSc students.

Further to this we thought it would be useful to set up a Virtual Huddle using Microsoft Teams. You will be able to share files, have conversations with fellow students (individually or in groups) using either the Chat, Audio or Video call features. The reason we have chosen Teams is that it is linked to your LSE Office 365 account.

Academic mentors

You will be allocated an Academic mentor. They are here to help and support you if you have any worries or concerns.

Michael Beaney BSc International Relations and Chinese
Simon Mathews BSc Language, Culture and Society

Student Hub

Please do not forget to to sign up for the Student Hub and follow the Language Centre page. We set up a group, each year, for each cohort so please follow yours, Language Centre BSc students 2021/22.

We will regularly post key information on the Student Hub throughout the year including Language Community events.

You will also be able to make appointments to see teaching staff via Bookings on the Student Hub, see you timetable and events and much more.