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new study by Insa Koch (Anthropology Visiting Professor), Patrick Williams, and Lauren Wroe on how the Home Office’s approach to tackling county lines drug operations is based on unproven assumptions and “racialised tropes” that criminalise Black boys and young men.  Read The Guradian article here.

Fuad Musallam on the BBC World Service's weekend news magazine show, Weekend

Mukulika Banerjee, Thinking Allowed - Democracy - BBC Sounds

Mukulika Banerjee, on the march with Rahul Ghandi in India 

Andrea Pia on Food Sovereignty as a model for scholar led open access publishing

Deborah James on Tackling consumer indebtedness in South Africa

Digital ethnography The Long Day of Young-Pen: Andrea Pia has recently been awarded both an LSE Catalyst Grand and a KCL Faculty Education Fund grant (with Dr Konstantinos Tsimonis) for the update and preservation of his digital ethnography The Long Day of Young Peng 

Has COVID-19 changed your social life?As we move into the next stage of the pandemic, some of us are still struggling to reconnect with friends. LSE Anthropology’s Nick Long outlines the benefits of socialising and why some of us are finding it difficult.