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Connect with over 660 members from across 36 African countries.

I still keep in touch with PfAL friends and some of them have been very generous in giving me career advice and encouragement.
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One of the principal benefits of the Programme for African Leadership is the opportunity to connect with other aspiring African leaders, to forge co-operative and supportive relationships and to make lasting friendships.

Students who successfully complete a PfAL programme at the School will be invited to become members of the PfAL Network and so gain access to the experience, advice, support and feedback of their peers across the continent.

The PfAL Network’s power lies in its diversity – be it in terms of skill set, professional experience, nationality or cultural background. Currently there are over 660 members, located across 36 African countries with each year seeing another 80 aspiring leaders joining the group.

Mo with our studentsSudanese-British billionaire businessman Mo Ibrahim (centre) sharing a light moment with PfAL students

With this diversity also comes the challenge of working together effectively across a continent the size of Africa. To overcome this challenge, members can communicate across the Continent through multiple online platforms and will receive PfALnews, a tri-annual newsletter for the Network. 

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Meet Firoz Lalji: Founder of PfAL

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