Office Hours Lent Term 2022-23

For all Economic History faculty and teachers

Please note where office hours must booked via the Student Hub app.

Dr Olivier Accominotti

SAR 5.14

Thursday 10.30-11.30 Book on Student Hub

Dr Gerben Bakker

SAR 6.04 or via Zoom

Tuesday 11.30-12.30 No prior booking required

Professor Neil Cummins

SAR 5.13

Wednesday 11.15-12.45 Book via Studenthub

Dr Kent G. Deng

SAR 5.17

Friday 1-3pm No booking required

Professor Leigh Gardner

SAR 5.07

Thursday 2-3.30pm   Book via Student Hub

Professor Ian Gazeley

SAR 6.08

Thursday 3-4pm Book via StudentHub

Andres Guiot Isaac

SAR 6.17

Monday 2-3pm Book via Studenthub

Professor Sarah Horrell

SAR 6.03

Thursday 2.30-3.30  Book via StudentHub


Dr Alejandra Irigoin

SAR 6.11

On leave 2022-23

Dr Jason Lennard

SAR 6.05

Book via Studenthub

Professor Chris Minns

SAR 6.15

On leave 2022-23

Professor Mary S. Morgan  

SAR 6.09

Please email for an appointment.

Dr Safya Morshed

SAR 6.17 


Monday 2-4pm, Book via Studenthub

Dr Natacha Postel-Vinay

SAR 6.13

Thursday 11.15-12.45pm

Professor Albrecht Ritschl

SAR 6.06

Tuesday 1.30-3pm Book via Student Hub

Professor Joan Roses

SAR 5.15

Tuesdays, 2:30-4:30 Book via Studenthub

Professor Tirthankar Roy

SAR 6.16

Tuesday 3.30-5pm In person Book via Student Hub

Dr Anne Ruderman

SAR 5.06

Thursday 1-3pm Book via Studenthub

Dr Mohamed Saleh

SAR 5.12

Tuesday 3.45-5pm Book via Student Hub

Professor Eric Schneider

SAR 5.18

Thursdays 1-3.30pm Book via Student Hub

Dr Sabine Schneider

SAR 6.17 

Fridays 4.15-5.15pm Book via StudentHub

Professor Max-Stephan Schulze

SAR 6.14

Monday, 4.30 - 6pm Book via Student Hub

Professor Oliver Volckart

SAR 6.10

Wednesday 10:30-13:30 walk-in, No booking required

Professor Patrick Wallis

SAR 5.11

Monday 3-4.30pm Book via Student Hub

Dr Melanie Meng Xue

SAR 6.12

Tuesday 12.15-1.45pm  Book via Student Hub

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Guest Teachers

Eoin Dignam

SAR 4.04

Mondays 11-12. No need to book, just drop in.

Dr Tehreem Husain


 Wednesdays 11.30-12.30 Group 2); 12.30-1.30 (Group 3).

Book via email.

Dr Mina Ishizu

SAR 4.04


Monday 11.11.30 Book via Studenthub

Dr Tim Leunig (EH101)

Zoom -  link on EH101 moodle page

Oct Fri 7th, 10-10.30

Oct Fri 14th, 10-10.30

Oct Th 20th, 10-10.30

Oct Th 27th, 10-10.30

Nov Fri 11th, 10-10.30

Nov Fri 18th, 10-10.30

Nov Fri 25th, 10-10.30

Dec Fri 2nd, 10-10.30

Dec Mon 5th, 10-10.30

Xizi Luo

SAR 4.04

Thursday 3-4pm Book via Student Hub

William Mitchell 

SAR 1.03A

Thursday 3-6pm, and Friday 11-12am  Book via Student Hub

Andy Park

SAR 4.04

3-4pm, Friday  Email for an appointment.

Yitong Nora Qiu

SAR 6.17


Thursday 5-6pm, Friday 3-4pm. Sign up via this link;

Nora office hour sign-up


Nick Peyton

SAR 4.04

Thursday, 10am-12pm Book via Student Hub

Sheila Pugh

SAR 4.04

Thursday 14.15-15.45 Book via Student Hub

Matthew Purcell

SAR 4.04 

Wednesdays 16:20 - 17:20

Book via Student Hub

Charles Udale

SAR 4.04

Tuesday 11.00am - 12.00pm  via Zoom

Hillary Vipond

SAR 4.04

Monday 10-11am, SAR 4.04 Please email to book a time and let Hillary know what you want to discuss.

Ziming Zhu

SAR 4.04

Friday 4-5pm. Book via StudentHub. Please email for meetings outside office hour.

Departmental Writing Advisor - book appointments via Student Hub

Departmental Writing Fellows

Nick Fitzhenry


SAR 4.04 


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 4-5pm.  Book via Studenthub (direct link to booking page)