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I hold a PhD in Social Research Methods from the LSE Department of Methodology. I obtained both my BA in Sociology and my MA in Criminology at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. My research interests lie at the intersection of Criminology, Sociology and Research Methodology. I am particularly interested in attitudes to crime and justice, risk perception, social categorization, research methodology, and criminological aspects of gender. 

My doctoral research was funded by the A.G. Leventis Foundation and the LSE fund for ongoing doctoral students. My PhD research looked at fear of crime, and aimed to develop a theory-testing approach to the phenomenon by applying interdisciplinary perspectives and integrative methodologies to this area of criminological research.  It involved analysis of secondary data from the EURO-JUSTIS project as well as primary data that were collected through experiments that I designed and carried out through web-based platforms, employing a range of statistical methods of data analysis including structural equation modelling and regression analysis. The key objective was to develop a fresh theoretical and methodological approach to the study of fear of crime, focusing on the impact of psychological distance and crime construal on affective and cognitive reactions to the risk of victimization.

Apart from my PhD, I have been involved in research on a range of topics, including policing, restorative justice, positive criminology, rehabilitation, equity crowdfunding, funded by the Cabinet Office Rehabilitation Fund, the LSE Centre for Economic Performance, the Bucks New University. Currently, I am involved in a research project that explores standards of behaviour in the police’s workplace, and is conducted by the LSE Mannheim Centre for Criminology and UNISON. Along with my research, I am deeply committed to teaching. I have taught Criminology, Sociology, Research Methodology and Statistics in a range of academic contexts, including LSE, City University, University of Cape Town, University of Athens.

My research plans at the moment involve the design of a project that looks at the impact of crime-risk perceptions and crime-related information processing on individual and collective wellbeing through experimental studies. I am also interested in finding ways to explore the relationship between healthy living and offenders’ rehabilitation.

Selected Publications

Gouseti, I., (2018). Worry about victimization, crime information processing and social categorization biases. Legal and Criminological Psychology. DOI: 10.1111/lcrp.12130

Gouseti, I., A construal-level approach to the fear of crime, In: Lee, M. & Mythen, G. International Handbook of Fear of Crime. Routledge, forthcoming.

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Jackson, J. & Gouseti, I. (2015). “Threatened by Violence: Affective and Cognitive Reactions to Violent Victimization”, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, doi: 10.1177/0886260515584336            

Jackson, J., & Gouseti, I. (2015). Psychological proximity and the construal of crime: A commentary on ‘Mapping fear of crime as a context-dependent everyday experience that varies in space and time’. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 20(2), 212-214.

Worth, P., Smith, M., Gavrielides, T., Ntziadima, A., & Gouseti, I., (2015). The Psychology of Restorative Justice: Creating the Inner and Outer space for change. An inter-disciplinary observation of restorative justice meetings. In Gavrielides, T. The Psychology of Restorative Justice: Managing the Power Within. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing.            

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Selected conference presentations

 Brown, J. & Gouseti, I., ‘Sexual harassment in the police service’, Police and Justice Conference, 6-8 October 2016, Southport, UK.

‘Fear of crime survey: Public attitudes without fear and crime?’, Conference of the Greek Society for the Study of Crime and Social Control "Powers, Scientific Neutrality and Criminological Discourse", 24 - 27 May 2016, Athens, Greece.

‘What happens why? Fear of crime, psychological distance and, and focusing of consequences vs. causes of crime events’, 15th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, September 2015, Porto, Portugal.

‘How far is far enough? The effect of experiential and psychological distance from crime on fear of crime’, 70th Annual Conference of the American Society of Criminology, November 2014, San Francisco, CA.


Criminology; Social Research Methods; Attitudes to Crime and Justice; Gender and Crime; Well-being