Graduate Support Scheme award conditions

Information covering the award conditions and next steps if you are selected for an award from the Graduate Support Scheme. 


Conditions for recipients of a Graduate Support Scheme award 

  1. The award will be automatically withdrawn should you fail to meet any conditions attached to your offer of admission.
  2. If your fee status, mode of study or programme of study changes, your award will be reviewed and may be amended or withdrawn.
  3. The offer of financial assistance is made using the information provided in your Graduate Support Scheme application and for a place at the School, and assumes that your circumstances remain as they were at this time. If your financial circumstances improve for any reason, you must inform the Financial Support Office.
  4. If it is subsequently discovered that you have provided false or incomplete information in any part of your application form for financial support, you award will be reviewed. The School reserves the right to alter the level of award or to withdraw it altogether in such circumstances.
  5. This award applies in the first instance to the 2023/24 session only. If your programme is for more than one year of study then the award is usually renewable unless you are studying and paying fees elsewhere, subject to satisfactory academic progress and your circumstances remaining unchanged.

Supporting documentation 

Supporting documentation, relevant to your case, will be requested from award holders. This may vary from applicant to applicant but would commonly include the following (if photocopied documents are submitted, original copies may be requested at a later stage):

  1. notification letters, successful or unsuccessful, relating to any scholarships that you mentioned in your application
  2. supporting documentation relating to income, appropriate to your circumstances. If your household will be contributing to your studies, we require evidence of the household income, eg a P60 (where work is being undertaken in the UK), an annual accountant's statement, a copy of your employment contract of letter from your employer, or a tax return summary. If you have personal income, eg from employment or the letting of a property, we also require evidence of this
  3. supporting evidence relating to any exceptional expenditure, eg medical costs
  4. supporting evidence relating to any dependants included in your application 
  5. failure to produce supporting documentation may result in your award being withdrawn

Payment of the award 

  1. The award will be automatically put towards tuition fees owing.
  2. Your award will cover only part of your tuition fees. You are responsible for paying the balance of the tuition fees by the payment due dates or payment that you agree with the Fees Office. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the most up to date information regarding the level of tuition fees applicable to your programme. 
  3. If after tuition fees have been paid there is a credit on your tuition fee account, either because you have an external sponsor paying your fees or because you have received another scholarship from the School, this will be paid to you for living costs. If the amount remaining is less than £1000, this will be paid to you in one single instalment. If the amount remaining is greater than £1000 you will receive this in instalments at the start of each term. Payment will be made to you by BACS. Further details of LSE maintenance payments can be found here:
  4. The Financial Support Office is responsible for requesting any maintenance payments to be released. Should you receive a maintenance payment in error, or for a higher in value than your entitlement, you should alert FSO as soon as possible. If you accept money to which you are not entitled, you will have to repay it.

Costs of living and studying in London 

The cost of living and studying in central London is high and it is important that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of both your tuition fees and living costs, prior to registering at the School. How much you spend on living expenses is your decision. However, the School recommends that you allow between £1,100 and £1,300 per month for living costs, in addition to your tuition fees. The School will not be able to offer you any additional assistance if you register without adequate finance.

Any award made is solely for your fees/expenses. It is not possible for the School to cover any expenses of your partner or dependants.

If you do not have sufficient funds to register in September 2023, but your financial circumstances improve and you wish to apply to the LSE next year, or in the future, you should contact the Graduate Admissions Office.