Dr Barbara Fasolo

Dr Barbara Fasolo

Associate Professor of Behavioural Science

Department of Management

+44 (0)20 7955 7617
Room No
NAB 3.15
Key Expertise
Behavioural decision science, consumer and marketing decisions

About me

Dr Barbara Fasolo is Associate Professor of Behavioural Science in the Department of Management. She is an expert on choice processes and choice architecture. Her work is published in peer-reviewed journals such as Annual Review of Psychology and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and has been covered in media outlets including the Harvard Business Review.

She uses insights from behavioural decision science and decision analysis to understand how people make choices in the presence of trade-offs, risk, and complexity, and to test experimentally how decisions can be helped by choice architecture, debiasing or decision support. Her focus is on individual decisions with long-term implications for well-being, organizations, management, marketing and policy.  Current projects span from consumer welfare (online choice of hospitals and annuities) to finance (field studies on bankers’ and regulators’ honesty) and education (randomised controlled studies in Further Education Colleges).

She is the Head of the Behavioural Research Lab and Director of the Executive Master in Behavioural Science. She is a member of the Department of Health Behavioural Insights Expert Advisory Panel; Behavioural Science and Policy Association; the Society of Judgment and Decision Making; and the European Association of Decision Making. She was seconded into the European Medicines Agency from 2009 to 2011 and was Visiting Professor at IESE Business School in 2012.

Organisational Behaviour Faculty Research Group


Expertise Details

Behavioural decision science; consumer and marketing decisions; decision capability; decision difficulty; decision style; multicriteria decisions; nudges; online decisions in domains of wealth and health; risk; tyranny of choice

Selected publications by behavioural research expertise

Online Choice Architecture (decision technology, digital nudges and web-based choice strategies):

Nudging ourselves? The limits of incentivizing "good behavior"

Decision technology 

It's not necessarily best to be first

Choosing a high-quality hospital: the role of nudges, scorecard design and information 

The effect of site design and interattribute correlations on interactive web-based decisions

Animation attracts: The attraction effect in an on-line shopping environment 

Il commercio elettronico 

Il processo decisionale online: rassegna di studi empirici e confronto tra siti internet per l'aiuto alle decisioni negli Stati Uniti e in Italia 

Choice Overload (consumer and mate choice):

The effect of choice complexity on perception of time spent choosing: when choice takes longer but feels shorter 

The relationship between number of potential mates and mating skew in humans 

Size, entropy, and density: what is the difference that makes the difference between small and large real-world assortments? 

"Shopping" for a mate: expected versus experienced preferences in online mate choice 

Different cognitive processes underlie human mate choices and mate preferences 

Escaping the tyranny of choice: When fewer attributes make choice easier 

Risk (pharmaceutical drugs, terrorist attacks and weather):

Modelling the risk-benefit impact of H1N1 influenza vaccines 

Is quantitative benefit–risk modelling of drugs desirable or possible?

A 30% chance of rain tomorrow: how does the public understand probabilistic weather forecasts? 

Risk perception of prescription drugs: results of a survey among experts in the European regulatory network 

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