Working Papers 2013

  • Nº 184  Accounting for the Great Divergence
    Stephen Broadberry
  • Nº 183 Asian globalizations: market integration, trade and economic growth, 1800-1938
    David Chilosi, Giovanni Federico
  • Nº 182 Money for nothing: How firms have financed R&D-projects since the Industrial Revolution
    Gerben Bakker
  • Nº 181 Surnames and Social Mobility: England 1230-2012
    Gregory Clark,  Neil Cummins
  • Nº 180 Intergenerational Mobility in England, 1858-2012. Wealth, Surnames, and Social Mobility
    Gregory Clark, Neil Cummins
  • Nº 179 Educação para todos –“free to those who can afford it”: Human capital and inequality persistence in 21st C Brazil
    Neil Kendrick
  • Nº 178 Demystifying growth and development in North Song China, 960–1127
    Kent G Deng
  • Nº 177 Risky institutions: political regimes and the cost of public borrowing in early modern Italy
    David Chilosi
  • Nº 176 Historical Foundations for a Global Perspective on the Emergence of a Western European Regime for the Discovery, Development and Diffusion of Useful and Reliable Knowledge
    Patrick O'Brien
  • Nº 175 From Divergence to Convergence: Re-evaluating the History Behind China’s Economic Boom (2013 revised version)
    Loren Brandt, Debin Ma, and Thomas G. Rawski
  • Nº 174 Evaluating the Swiss Transitory Labour Contribution to Germany in the Second War
    Eric Golson
  • Nº 173  A Trojan Horse in Daoguang China? Explaining the flows of silver in and out of China
    Alejandra Irigoin