Working papers 2012

  • Nº 172 Sunk costs and the dynamics of creative industries
    Gerben Bakker
  • Nº 171  The Eighth Wonder of the World: How might access for vehicles have prevented the economic failure of the Thames Tunnel 1843-1865?
    Rio Lydon
  • Nº 170  Adopting the rights-based model: music multinationals and local music industries since 1945
    Gerben Bakker
  • Nº 169 The Maghribi industrialists Contract enforcement in the Moroccan industry, 1956-82
    Romain Ferrali
  • Nº 168 The rise of the patent department: A case study of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company
    Shigehiro Nishimura
  • Nº 167 Public Finance in China and Britain in the Long Eighteenth Century
    Peer Vries
  • Nº 166 Going Beyond Social Savings. How would the British economy have developed in the absence of the railways? A case study of Brunner Mond 1882-1914.
    Edward Longinotti
  • Nº 165 Monetary sovereignty during the classical gold standard era: the Ottoman Empire and Europe, 1880-1913
    Coşkun Tunçer
  • Nº 164 Bounded Leviathan; or why North and Weingast are only right, on the right half 
    Alejandra Irigoin, Regina Grafe
  • Nº 163 Reparations, Deficits, and Debt Default: The Great Depression in Germany
    Albrecht Ritschl
  • Nº 162 The Seven Mechanisms for Achieving Sovereign Debt Sustainability Garrick Hileman
  • Nº 161 Steel, Style and Status: The Economics of the Cantilever Chair, 1929-1936
    Tobias Vogelgsang
  • Nº 160 Contesting the Indigenous Development of"Chinese Double-entry Bookkeeping" and its Significance in China's Economic Institutions and Business Organization before c.1850
    Keith Hoskin, Richard Macve
  • Nº 159 Money and Monetary System in China in the 19th-20th Century: An Overview
    Debin Ma
  • Nº 158  From Divergence to Convergence: Re-evaluating theHistory Behind China’s Economic Boom
    Loren Brandt, Debin Ma, Thomas G. Rawski
  • Nº 157 Hand Looms, Power Looms, and Changing Production Organizations: The Case of the Kiryu Weaving District in the Early 20th Century Japan
    Tomoko Hashino, Keijiro Otsuka