IMSC Conference 2010

11th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, Edinburgh,12-16 July 2010

Several CATS members, including Leonard Smith, Dave Stainforth, Nicola Ranger, Falk Niehoerster, Ana Lopez, Milena Cuellar, Joe Daron and Alex Jarman, attended the 11th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology. 

The presentations included:

Smith, L.A. 'When is a model relevant?'. Abstract.

Ranger, N. 'Understanding the relevance of climate model simulations to informing policy: an example of the application of MAGICC to greenhouse gas mitigation policy'. Abstract.

Cuellar, M. 'Extraction of information from Global Climate Model Perturbed Physics Ensemble'. Abstract.

Cuellar, M. 'Prediction of the sunspot activity using the shadowing filter'. Abstract.

Stainforth, D. 'The inapplicability of traditional statistical methods in climate ensembles'. Abstract.

Niehoerster, F. 'Comparing Cloud Feedbacks in Perturbed-Physics Ensembles from two different GCMs'. Abstract.

Niehoerster, F. 'SVD on ICE - On the linearity of climate change simulation with GCMs'. Abstract.

Lopez, A. 'Climate model evaluation and models of natural variability'. Abstract.

Lopez, A. 'Analysis of long term persistence in a perturbed physical ensemble'. Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'Are Current Flaws in Bayesian Approaches to Climate Projection Fatal?'. Abstract