CATS at AGU 2013

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, 9-13 December 2013

CATS members gave the following presentations at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013:

Smith, L.A. 'Predictability, Probability(s) and Physical Insight: Probability for weather and climate.' Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'UQ for Decision Making: How (at least five) Kinds of Probability Might Come into Play.'

Thompson, E.L. and Smith L.A. 'Consequences of the Hawkmoth Effect: Explicit subjective judgements about uncertain model-system relationships improve policy relevance of climate model output.' Abstract. Poster.

Sienkiewicz, E.A., Thompson, E.L. and Smith L.A. 'Consistency of regional climate projections with the global conditions that stimulated them.' Abstract. Poster.

Suckling, E., Thompson, E.L. and Smith, L.A. 'Tracking Expected Improvements of Decadal Prediction in Climate Services.' Abstract.