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Behavioural Research Lab
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Behavioural Research Lab

Welcome to the Department of Management Behavioural Research Lab (BRL) at LSE.

The BRL is a purpose-built facility designed for the use of researchers examining behaviour in organisations. We aim to facilitate world class behavioural research by providing state-of-the-art facilities in the centre of London and by promoting the development of a vibrant research community. The BRL has been established and is managed by the LSE Department of Management and is open to researchers and students from across LSE.

What is behavioural research?

Behavioural research is the analysis and investigation of human behaviour through observation and scientific experimentation. Studies are conducted in fields as diverse as team dynamics, leadership, decision making, creativity, consumer choice, incentives, and behavioural game theory. To carry out these studies, researchers recruit students or members of the general public to participate in computer exercises, surveys, or group activities.

The field of psychology has long relied on laboratory research and, as management scholars explore the psychological aspects of organisational behaviour and decision making, they have begun to see the advantages of using laboratory methods. With its researcher-controlled environment, lab research is an important complement to field research. Indeed, in 2002 the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to two researchers, Daniel Kahneman and Vernon Smith, whose theories were developed and tested in the laboratory.


If you are interested in running a study, please see our Conducting Research| page.

If you are interested in taking part, please see our Participate in Our Research| page.

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