Apply for LSE to be your rent guarantor

Helping you rent in London

This page explains how the LSE Rent Guarantor Scheme works and how you can apply

The LSE Rent Guarantor Scheme is our way of helping you rent in London if you are being asked for a guarantor. The scheme is run by the Residential Services Office (RSO).

Why do I need a rent guarantor?

LSE halls do not require a guarantor, but it is common for landlords and halls of residence run by private providers (e.g. Sanctuary Students, urbanest) to ask you for a UK based rent guarantor. If you do not have a UK based rent guarantor, landlords may ask you to pay a high deposit. This can be as much as six months’ rent in advance. To help you in this situation, we have introduced the LSE Rent Guarantor Scheme. It means that LSE can act as a rent guarantor for you, if you and the property fulfil certain criteria.

Who is eligible to apply for LSE to be their rent guarantor? 

For us to consider acting as your rent guarantor, you and the property you want to rent need to fulfil these criteria.

To be eligible, you need to:

  • be a continuing full time registered LSE student, PhD student, or care-experienced student* (if you are an incoming first-year undergraduate or postgraduate student, you are not eligible, if you leave LSE or become a part-time student during your tenancy, you will no longer be eligible)
  • be a non-UK resident (usually this means that your home residence is outside the UK)
  • have lived in an LSE residence in a previous year, subject to the approval of the warden, or have lived in private accommodation for at least one year and be able to provide a reference from your landlord
  • have no outstanding debts with the School or your private landlord (either from a previous stay or by the end date of your present stay)
  • * if you are a care-experienced student, please check our terms and conditions for more information

To be eligible, the accommodation needs to:

Other things you are responsible for

  • If your application is successful, you need to pay a £50 administration fee to us.
  • Get your tenancy contract checked before you sign it. The SU-Advice Centre and University of London Housing Service offer a free contract checking service.
  • You (the tenant) and the landlord or agent must sign the tenancy agreement. We (LSE) will not co-sign or act on behalf of you in the contract agreement.
  • You must pay the rent as agreed in your contract.

Read the full LSE Rent Guarantor Scheme terms and conditions [PDF]

Check if you're eligible and apply online

The online application form will help you determine whether your application is likely to be successful. Please note that the final decision is made by the Residential Services Office. 

Apply for LSE to be your rent guarantor

What happens after I've applied?

  • We assess your application against the eligibility criteria and let you know whether you've been successful. We aim to process all applications in 7 working days, but it may take longer than this as we need to check your eligibility with other departments at LSE.
  • If you've been successful, will ask you to pay the £50 administrative charge to us (RSO). We will also contact your landlord or lettings agency directly to provide them with an LSE Letter of Guarantor.

I don't qualify for the LSE RGS - are there other schemes available? 

Yes, a number of private rent guarantor schemes are available. We're not affiliated with them. 

For more information about using a guarantor, visit citizen's advice - student housing - using a rent guarantor