Celebrating the Career of Professor Tim Newburn

Event hosted by the Department of Social Policy and LSE Law School on Saturday 2 March 2024

Celebrating the career of Professor Tim Newburn Celebrating the career of Professor Tim Newburn
Photo gallery from event on 2 March 2024. Photos taken by Nathaniel Ocquaye.

For over 40 years, Professor Tim Newburn has been a key figure in British and European criminology and social policy. The author of over 40 books, Tim’s influence spans the whole field, from comparative and historical scholarship through policy studies, policing, youth justice, drugs and alcohol, urban violence and restorative justice to criminological theory.  At this event, Tim’s colleagues and students gathered to discuss his influence and his major contributions to the field, and to the LSE, and to celebrate his career. 

Order of Speakers: 

Paul Rock 
Coretta Phillips
George Mair 
David Smith 
Trevor Jones 
Rod Morgan                
Frances Heidensohn   
Richard Sparks           
Kieran McEvoy           
Nicola Lacey                                        
David Downes                  
Jill Peay
Robert Reiner
David Garland
Miranda Bevan                              
Paul Lewis                                         
Lesley McAra/Susan McVie
Family (Mary Newburn, Robin Laisby, Owen Newburn, Lewis
Newburn, Gavin Laisby & daughters Georgia & Freya
Tim Newburn

Chair: Nicola Lacey

Watch the recording of the event here.