The contested world economy: on the origins of international political economy

Hosted by the Department of International Relations

Auditorium, Centre Building


Professor Eric Helleiner

Professor Eric Helleiner

Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo

Dr Natalya Naqvi

Dr Natalya Naqvi

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, LSE


Professor Robert Falkner

Professor Robert Falkner

Professor, Department of International Relations, LSE

When International Political Economy textbooks discuss the pre-1945 roots of the field, they typically focus on European and American thinkers who pioneered the three perspectives of economic liberalism, neomercantilism, and Marxism. But debates about IPE issues between late 18thC and 1945 were much more global than this, involving prominent thinkers from all parts of the world.

They also included many more perspectives, including those focusing on wider topics such as national self-sufficiency, environmental degradation, gender inequality, racial discrimination, religious worldviews, civilisational values, and varieties of economic regionalism.

Drawing on his new book The Contested World Economy (Cambridge 2023), LSE IR alumnus Eric Helleiner highlights the rich diversity of pre-1945 thought about the world economy and the need to globalise and widen IPE’s deep history.

Meet our speakers and chair

Eric Helleiner is Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo.

Natalya Naqvi is Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations at LSE.

Chair: Robert Falkner is Professor in International Relations at LSE.

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