Has COVID killed the office?

"We've been in our jim jams, permanently online. That's not good for anybody."
- Dr Carsten Sorensen
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What does the post-pandemic future hold for office workers? Will we drift back to old ways of working, or continue with hybrid/remote working? What do the experts advise on how best to adapt?

In this month's LSE IQ podcast, Joanna Bale talks to LSE’s Connson Locke, Grace Lordan and Carsten Sorensen, as well as Hailley Griffis, a social media management company executive, who believes that offices will soon become extinct.

The episode explores new books by Professor Locke (Making Your Voice Heard) and Dr Lordan (Think Big) which both draw on the latest research in social and behavioural psychology. It also discusses Dr Sorensen’s research-based ideas in his 2020 blog post, Will remote working digital infrastructures become the norm?

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