The Modern Millionairess: a post-pandemic gender deal | LSE Festival

Hosted by LSE Festival: People and Change

Old Theatre, Old Building


Professor Sarah Ashwin

Professor Sarah Ashwin


Dr Angus Wrenn

Dr Angus Wrenn


Dr Angus Wrenn

Dr Olga Sobolev

LSE Language Centre, in collaboration with LSESU Drama Society, presents an evening of theatre and discussion, featuring Professor Sarah Ashwin, a leading expert in industrial relations.

A discussion focusing on post-pandemic reconstruction and a ‘gender new deal’, will be followed by the performance of Shaw’s play The Millionairess.  The Nobel Prize-winning playwright Shaw was a lifelong supporter of feminism, and agitator for votes for women. In the 1930s, faced with worldwide economic disarray and record unemployment, which made him despair of the leading statesmen of the time, Shaw produced his play The Millionairess depicting an independent and economically empowered woman who transforms businesses and society with her unconventional, novel approach as an entrepreneur.

Meet our speakers and chair

Sarah Ashwin is a sociologist and a leading expert in the field of industrial relations, international labour standards, corporate social responsibility, as well as gender and work, both paid and unpaid. She is the author of award-winning articles concerning gender policies and is on the editorial board of the Gender and Society journal.

Olga Soboloev is Language Co-ordinator (Literature and Russian) at LSE's Language Centre.

Angus Wrenn is Tutorial Fellow at LSE's Language Centre.

More about this event

This event is part of the LSE Festival: People and Change running from Monday 12 to Saturday 17 June 2023, with a series of events exploring how change affects people and how people effect change. Booking for all Festival events will open on Monday 15 May. 

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