No Longer Special? The Death of Anglo-America?

Hosted by LSE IDEAS and the Department of International Relations

Old Theatre, Old Building


Professor G John Ikenberry

Professor G John Ikenberry

Dr Kori Schake

Dr Kori Schake

Professor Linda Yueh

Professor Linda Yueh


Professor Michael Cox

Professor Michael Cox

Top thinkers from the world of international relations - John Ikenberry, Linda Yueh, Kori Schake and Michael Cox in the Chair  - will here debate the idea of 'Anglo-America', what the relationship between the USA and UK has meant for the world in the twentieth century, and how a retreat by both from the world - and perhaps from each other - will impact on the international system.

"There is general agreement amongst scholars of IR that the international system is passing through a major and potentially disturbing transition. There are at least two component parts of this: one leading to a real questioning of the liberal order more generally; and another which is asking very serious questions about the longer-term viability of the so-called - but still significant- 'Special Relationship' between the United Kingdom and the United States. The two processes are closely connected. Thus, Brexit and Trump taken together present a genuine threat to the props that have hitherto supported the global economic order. A weakening of these two props in turn poses a threat to the stability of the Transatlantic relationship. And a diminution in the ties binding the Atlantic area together are bound to weaken the leadership of the West." – says Professor Michael Cox. 

G John Ikenberry is Albert G Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University.

Kori Schake (@KoriSchake) is Deputy Director-General at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Linda Yueh (@lindayueh) is Visiting Professor, LSE IDEAS and Chair of the Economic Diplomacy Commission, LSE.

Michael Cox is Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE.

LSE IDEAS (@lseideas) is LSE's foreign policy think tank. We connect academic knowledge of diplomacy and strategy with the people who use it.

The Department of International Relations (@LSEIRDept) is now in its 91st year, making them one of the oldest as well as largest in the world. They are ranked 4th in the QS World University Ranking by Subject 2019 tables for Politics and International Studies.

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