Working papers 2015

  • Nº 228 Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors: Drawing New Ontologies
    Mary S. Morgan
  • Nº 227 Representation without taxation, taxation without consent. The legacy of Spanish colonialism in America
    Alejandra Irigoin
  • Nº 226  A Vision of the Growth Process in a Technologically Progressive Economy:  the United States, 1899-1941
    Gerben Bakker, Nicholas Crafts, Pieter Woltjer
  • Nº 225 Spanish Land Reform in the 1930s: Economic Necessity or Political Opportunism?
    Juan Carmona, Joan R Roses, James Simpson
  • Nº 223 Power Politics and Princely Debts: Why Germany’s Common Currency Failed, 1549-1556
    Oliver Volckart
  • Nº 222 Time for Growth
    Lars Boerner, Battista Severgnini
  • Nº 221 Gibrat’s Law and the British Industrial Revolution
    Alex Klein, Tim Leunig
  • Nº 220 The development of Chinese accounting and bookkeeping before 1850: insights from the Tŏng Tài Shēng business account books (1798-1850)
    Weipeng Yuan,Richard Macve, and Debin Ma
  • Nº 219 China’s Population Expansion and Its Causes during the Qing Period,1644–1911
    Kent Deng
  • Nº 218 The Global Impact of the Great Depression
    Thilo Albers, Martin Uebele
  • Nº 217 Twentieth Century Enterprise Forms: Japan in Comparative Perspective
    Leslie Hannah, Makoto Kasuya
  • Nº 216 An investigation of Early Modern Quakers’ Business Ethics
    Esther Sahle
  • Nº 215 Geography and Assimilation: A case study of Irish immigrants in late nineteenth century America
    Peter Cirenza
  • Nº 214 Reconsidering the Rise of ‘Shareholder Value’ in the United States, 1960-2000
    Blake Edward Taylor
  • Nº 213 Locating a Chronology for the Great Divergence: A Critical Survey of Published Data Deployed for the Measurement of Nominal Wages for Ming and Qing China 
    Patrick O’Brien, Kent Deng