Modern Foreign Language Certificate Courses

These courses are not credit bearing options. Modern Foreign Language (MFL) Certificate courses are offered to all students who wish to take a foreign language course outside of their degree programme. MFL courses aim to:

• teach a language effectively from beginners to advanced;
• deliver a good balance between the key language skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing;
• relate language to the study of social sciences which could be of interest to the student;
• focus on student needs: for possible work, residence or further study abroad;
• encourage independent learning as an adjunct to class contact time; and
• make students aware of the transferable skills gained through their studies.

For further information and how to register on the courses see the MFL Certificate Course Programme homepage or contact the Language Centre directly.

A list of approved courses can be accessed below. Clicking on the course will show specific information on the course content and availability for this session.

See Modern Foreign Language Certificate course guides for further information.