For Certificate students

The information contained in this section is relevant to all certificate programmes.

The School reserves the right at all times to withdraw, suspend or alter particular courses and syllabuses, and to alter the level of fees. Courses are on occasion capped (limited to a maximum number of students) or subject to entry conditions requiring the approval of the course convenor. The School cannot guarantee that places on specific courses will be available.

Course and programme information

Programme regulations

Graduate course guides

Summary of 2014-2015 course and programme changes

Learning and personal development for undergraduate and MSc students

School and academic regulations

During your period of study at the School there are various regulations that apply to you.

Regulations relating to academic study

Regulations for certificates: set out the 'ground rules' for your programme.

General academic regulations

Statement on editorial help

Classification schemes
Set out the rules by which the School's Certificate programmes are classified:

Scheme for the award of Certificate in Health Economics, Policy and Management (modular)

Regulations relating to assessment offences
The School uses two sets of regulations in this area: one covering plagiarism and one covering all other academic offences (such as exam cheating).

Regulations on assessment offences: plagiarism

Regulations on assessment offences other than plagiarism

Regulations relating to appeals, complaints and disciplinary matters

Student Complaint Procedure: helps you to resolve any problems that may rise during your programme of study.

Appeals Regulations: set out the procedure by which students may appeal against their final degree classification.

Disciplinary procedure for students: sets out a number of standards to which the School expects you to keep and makes it possible for an investigation to take place if those standards are breached.

Regulations relating to School services

Library rules

IT Services: policies and regulations

Conditions of use of IT facilities


Data protection

School's policy on disability

Regulations relating to student activity

Ethics Code

Personal web pages: conditions of use for LSE staff and students

Policy statement on equality and diversity

Procedure for considering student allegations of harassment against members of staff

Harassment policy

Student drugs and alcohol policy

Student drugs and alcohol procedure