General Academic Regulations

These regulations are approved by the Academic Board.
Last updated: July 2013



These Regulations apply to all persons having registered for a course or programme of study at the School. They are made subject to the Articles of Association of the School and to the School bye-laws, where appropriate. Any disputes arising from the application of the Regulations shall by governed by the Laws of England currently in force.


In these regulations the following terms shall have the meanings given:


A distinct part of a programme comprising lectures, seminars and/or other learning activities 

Degree regulations

The Regulations for First Degrees, Master's Degrees, the MPA degree, Diplomas or Research Degrees, as appropriate


A whole programme of study, comprising courses, whether or not it is intended that it should lead to an award of the School or of the University


The London School of Economics and Political Science


A person registered as a student of the School under these Regulations


The University of London


Communications sent by the School to an individual student shall be regarded as applying only to that student.




An applicant for admission shall be required


to satisfy, or to be formally exempted by the School from, the entry requirements prescribed for the programme concerned, and


to apply through the prescribed procedure and to comply with subsequent administrative requirements.


The School may offer a place to an applicant on the programme applied for or on any other programme, or reject the application. An offer of a place may be conditional on the applicant obtaining a particular set of qualifications, either at pass level or at particular levels of pass, before a date determined by the School.


Competence in the English language is required of all applicants. The School will determine the level of competence required of each applicant and may make its achievement a condition of admission.


The School may from time to time determine the age or ages below which it will not admit students or will not admit them without special consideration.




A person who is not registered as a student shall not be entitled to take part in any activity in the School as a student.


The Academic Registrar may require any relevant documentation to be produced for inspection to establish the personal details and educational attainment of a person seeking registration.


A student is required to register annually during the programme of study, according to procedures determined by the Academic Registrar from time to time. The requirements for registration beyond initial registration are as follows: 


to have satisfied the academic requirements for progression from the previous year of study, and


to have completed all forms required by the School as part of the re-registration process, and


to have paid all fees and charges due to the School or to the University or to have provided guarantees of such payment satisfactory to the School, and


not to have been barred from further registration at the time concerned by application of these or other Regulations. 


Registration shall be effected in person at the School unless the Academic Registrar prescribes an alternative procedure.


Registration may be full or provisional. Full registration shall be valid until the end of the then academic year or until the end of the programme or until withdrawal or exclusion from the School, whichever shall be the nearer. Provisional registration shall last until such time as the School shall prescribe in each case.


Students are entitled to take part in all prescribed learning activities and to use all the relevant services of the School as set out from time to time, for the period of their registration.


On full registration the Academic Registrar shall provide the student with a registration card. Any member of staff of the School may require production of this card at any time to establish entitlement to enter the School or to take part in its activities. A replacement may be obtained for a lost or damaged card, on payment of a fee to be determined by the Academic Registrar from time to time. 


Registration may be withdrawn at any time under these and other Regulations. After withdrawal a student is no longer entitled without special permission to use any facilities or services of the School or to receive any teaching or to be assessed.


A student may not register or remain registered, without the special permission of the School, if simultaneously registered for another programme of higher education.


A student is required to attend to his or her studies by attending classes and producing promptly the written work required. Dereliction will result first in a warning, and if continued will result in exclusion from assessment or from the School as appropriate. 




By registering the student agrees to be assessed on the courses being taken, at the time and place set by the School and by the methods prescribed in the degree, programme and course regulations.


Registration shall constitute entry for the examinations and/or other assessment in question, subject to Regulations 15 and 17.


The School shall from time to time determine the conditions on which a student, on production of appropriate evidence, may be allowed additional time for an examination or assistance of a personal or technical nature or examination separate from other examinees.


A student wishing to place before the examiners any evidence of special factors adversely affecting performance in assessment must do so on or before the due date published for the submission of such evidence.


All students shall be governed by the Regulations on Assessment Offences: Plagiarism and Regulations on Assessment Offences: Offences Other Than Plagiarism.


To be eligible for the award of a degree, diploma or other qualification a student must


have completed to the satisfaction of the School the programme prescribed by the School for the qualification concerned, and


have satisfied the examiners in all elements of assessment prescribed for the qualification concerned and have shown a competent knowledge across the programme of study taken as a whole.


No person will be recommended for the award of any qualification who has not settled any account outstanding with the School or the University or who has not made acceptable arrangements to settle any such account, and neither will any information on such a person's examination performance be communicated to that person or to any third party save as required by law. 


Grievances and appeals


A student dissatisfied with any aspect of teaching provided by the School may pursue his or her case through the Principles and Procedures for the Consideration of Student Complaints, unless the substantive subject of the grievance is covered by a separate procedure such as that on sexual harassment.


A student dissatisfied with the result of any assessment may appeal against the decision of the examiners concerned, as set out in the Appeals Regulations. Appeals are not permitted against the academic judgment of the examiners.


There is a right of appeal to the Director against a decision under Regulation 17 to exclude a student from assessment. 


Termination of registration


A student shall cease to be a student of the School if any of the following conditions apply:


completion of the programme of study for which he/she was registered


voluntary withdrawal from the programme for which he/she was registered


failure to satisfy the academic requirements for the successful completion of a year or other stage of a programme, unless permitted to re-register by the School which may attach conditions to such re-registration


failure to satisfy the requirements for registration or re-registration


expulsion under the disciplinary procedure for students.


The Director shall have the power to terminate the registration of any student as from the beginning of any term on any of the following grounds:


the student's lack of ability or of industry, or failure in an element of assessment relating to the programme on which he or she is registered;


failure, without adequate reason, to enter for an element of assessment after completing the normal course; 


any assessment offence admitted by the student or established under the Regulations on assessment offences: Plagiarism or the Regulations on assessment offences: Offences other than plagiarism;


any other good academic cause;


failure to have paid all fees and charges due to the School or to the University or to have provided guarantees of such payment satisfactory to the School.


The point at which registration shall cease under Regulation 28 shall be:


under Regulations 28.1 or 28.3, at the end of the final term of permitted study


under Regulation 28.2, at the end of the week in which formal notification of withdrawal is made


under Regulation 28.4, at a date determined from time to time by the Academic Registrar



under Regulation 28.5, at a date determined by the Director.