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Maren Hartmann The Web Generation? The (De)Construction of Users, Morals and Consumption SMIT Brussels Full-text availableExecutive summary available
Yves Punie A social and technological view of Ambient Intelligence in Everyday Life: What bends the trend? IPTS Seville Full-text availableExecutive summary available
Thomas Berker Boundaries in a Space of Flows. The Case of Migrant Researchers’ Use of ICTs NTNU Trondheim Full-text availableExecutive summary available
Katie Ward An Ethnographic Study of Internet Consumption in Ireland: Between Domesticity and the Public Participation COMTEC Dublin Full-text availableExecutive summary available
Bart Cammaerts ICT-Usage among Transnational Social Movements in the Networked Society: to organise, to mediate & to influence ASCoR Amsterdam Full-text availableExecutive summary available
Myria Georgiou Mapping Diasporic Media across the EU: Addressing Cultural Exclusion Media@LSE London Full-text availableExecutive summary available
Dorothée Durieux ICT and social inclusion in the everyday life of less abled people LENTIC Liege Full-text availableExecutive summary available


Roger Silverstone Media and Technology in the Everyday Life of European Societies Media@LSE London Full-text available
François Pichault & Dorothée Durieux The Information Society in Europe: Methods and Methodologies LENTIC Liege Full-text available
Kees Brants & Valerie Frissen Inclusion and exclusion in the Information Society TNO/  ASCoR Delft / Amsterdam Full-text available
Paschal Preston ICTs in Everyday Life : Public Policy Implications for 'Europe's Way to the Information Society' COMTEC Dublin Full-text available
Yves Punie, Marc Bogdanowicz, Anne-Jorunn Berg, Caroline Pauwels & Jean-Claude Burgelman Living and Working in the Information Society: Quality of Life in a digital world IPTS-JRC, STS NTNU, SMIT Full-text available