COMTEC (Communication, Technology and Culture Research Centre, Dublin City University, Dublin)

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Founded in 1990, COMTEC’s research agenda is focused on : i) social, cultural and policy aspects of  new ICTs in the Irish and European contexts, ii) the changing features and roles of  communication and cultural industries, iii) geographical and spatial dimensions of socio-cultural change.

Role in the network  Top

COMTEC will focus on the role and consumption of Internet-based  ‘new media’ and their relationship to  more ‘mature’ media and established processes of  public communication.  COMTEC will develop WP4, The WWW and Public Communication which will act as an intellectual and practical bridge between thematic projects 1 and 2.   COMTEC will also have responsibility, together with WP2 and WP5, for the final deliverable on policy issues arising  from the overall project.   These responsibilities are in line with COMTEC’s past work on multimedia content applications and the interplay between successive generations of  communication technologies and networks.

Recent and relevant research  Top

Co-ordinator of  multimedia ‘content’  studies in the Social Learning in Multimedia  (SLIM) project, 1996-1998  (funded by the TSER sub-programme in the Fourth Framework Programme). 

Consultancy to Irish government bodies on Information Society and communication technology matters. 

Industry funded research on a major Information Age Town  social experiment.

Current multi-country comparative research includes:  a) role of communication and transport technologies and urban change; b) study of  print and electronic media coverage of  contemporary European political and social developments.

Authorship of  new book on Re-Shaping Communications and co-editor of book on Democracy and Communication in the New Europe.

Member of  several  relevant European research and policy networks including: ENCIP, COST 248 (1995-1998), NETEPS, ANET. 

Structure and infrastructure   Top

 COMTEC has well-developed links with most other Centres involved in this proposal. Network and it has successfully collaborated with many of them in prior research  actions.

COMTEC provides postgraduate research training facilities and the centre has recently received external funding for five doctoral studentships in digital multimedia research areas.  COMTEC staff’s research training activity is complemented by participation in taught Masters programmes in the areas of: i) Multimedia (Design and Content); ii) Communication and Cultural Studies; iii) Film & Television Studies provided by the DCU School of Communication.

Principal Researchers    Top

1. Prof. Paschal Preston 
2. Dr. Roderick Flynn 
3. Dr. Katie Ward
4. Aphra Kerr (PhD researcher)
5. Prof. Farrel Corcoran