CTS/NTNU (Centre for Technology and Society, Trondheim)

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CTS is a research and teaching centre at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Norwegian University of Science and technology, Trondheim.  CTS has long-term research and teaching in technology studies, and in particular in the ICT and everyday life.  In this project we will collaborate with the Institute for Social Research in Industry (IFIM).  IFIM is part of the R&D corporation SINTEF, and carries out research on the development of Norwegian working life within the framework in which co-determination, equal opportunities and a good work environment are regarded as being just as important as restructuring, competitiveness and value adding.  CTS will take the local administrative and financial responsibility, while the research work will be shared.  This means that the researchers involved will function as a group, even though they have different institutional affiliations.

Role in the network  Top

CTS & IFIM will act as participants and as responsible for the project on ICTs and the flexibilities of everyday life.  This includes co-ordination of the final deliverable, as  well as initiatives to integrate relevant parts from other work-packages.  CTS will host and train a post-doctoral researcher for a 24 month period.  The person will have access to the research communities of CTS as well as IFIM and thus the opportunity to draw on a large and varied base of projects. 

Recent and relevant research  Top


  • Work environment and working conditions, a number of ongoing and previous projects, funded by ministries, trade unions, and industrial and public companies.
  • Organisational development, lateral decisions, and globalisation, a number of ongoing and previous projects, funded by ministries, trade unions, and industrial and public companies.
  • Multicultural working life, immigration and integration.
  • Gendered cultures and changing work relations, funded by SINTEF, 1997-
  • Participation in several TSER funded research projects, e.g. Social learning in multimedia (1996-1999), Towards an interactive technology policy (1998-2001), and Process re-engineering in Europe: choice, people and technology, (1999-2001)
  • Participation in the COST A4 project: The Social Shaping of Technology, (1993-1998)
  • A new strategic university research programme on Information technology, communication and culture, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, 1997-2002
  • Several ongoing projects on the social life on and around the Internet, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, 1998-2001
Principal Researchers   Top

Dr. Anne-Jorunn Berg, SINTEF-IFIM 
Professor Knut H. Sørensen, NTNU 
Dr. Thomas Berker, NTNU