SMIT (Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication, Free University Brussels) 

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SMIT, created in 1990, deals with both policy and user studies in media and ICTs, as well as convergence between telecommunications and broadcasting. Research is undertaken at the regional level, (Flanders), the national (Belgium), the European and world-wide (third world problems). In all, 38 research projects have been completed within the framework of fundamental and applied social research on the information society.

Role in the network   Top

SMIT will develop a research project on Youth and e-commerce: creating consumerism and takes responsibility for leading the program on Living and Working in the Information Society. SMIT is experienced in both, the former drawing on past and ongoing research on use and acceptance of ICTs in residential markets and SOHO's as well as on supply-side and policy research on convergence. The latter can draw on SMITs' welfare policy research, consultancy and EC project refereeing on information society projects. 

Recent and relevant research    Top

Media, signification and information. The mediatization of the public sphere: between dualization and democratization; 1996-2000, CeMeSo (Centre for Media Sociology) and SMIT in collaboration with Centre for Sociology; funded by the Flemish Ministry for Education, Concerted Research Action. A one year subproject starting January 1999 deals with Youth and their use of Internet, and will be fruitful for the Postdoc and for WP1. 

Interdisciplinary research and evaluation of the information society: networks, usages and role of the state; 1997-2001, Inter-university Attraction Pole - UIAP, in collaboration with FUNDP-Namur and LENTIC-Liège; funded by DWTC (Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs).

Socio-economical and regulatory preconditions for the innovation of multimedia services in Flanders; 1997-2000; funded by Medialab - IWT (Flemish Institute for the Advancement of Scientific-technological Research in Industry).

Constructive Technology Assessment and the Implementation of New Information Technologies: a user-oriented analysis; 1994-1998; funded by the Research Council (OZR) of the Free University Brussels (VUB).

Co-editor of Communication, Citizenship and Social Policy; Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc: Lanham, Boulder, New York, Oxford, 1999. 

Social Learning in Multimedia - Targeted Social Economic Research, 1997-1999, in co-operation with CITA - Namur, funded by EU - DG XII.

L'implication des utilisateurs dans le développement de projets télématiques: du guide au réseau, INUI-Information  Network on User Involvement, 1997-1999, funded by DWTC. 

Structure and infrastructure   Top

SMIT has collaborated and continues to do so with other EMTEL partners: LENTIC and ASCOR.  SMIT is partner in ENCIP network (European Network on Communication & Information Perspectives); in NETEPS  (Network on European Communications Policy and the Peripheral Regions/Small Countries); and in BCAS (Brussels Centre for African Studies). 

Principal Researchers   Top

Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Burgelman (Director SMIT)
Ass. Prof. Dr. Caroline Pauwels
Ms. Maren Hartmann