Opening web pages within the FrontPage Web

To open a page for editing in FrontPage:

  1. Follow the advice on Marking a file as ‘Don't Publish’ before making the changes to avoid a saved but incomplete page being published to the Web.

  2. In the Folders view, double-click the page you want to edit. The view will switch to Design view and the page will open for editing.

screenshot of a page open for editing

  1. Once completed, save the page.

  2. You'll now need to remove the 'Don't Publish' restriction so that the page will get published on the next hourly bake. You can do this while the page is open.

    1. Right-click anywhere on the page and select Page Properties. 

    2. Click on the Workgroup tab on the far right

    3. Uncheck the 'Exclude this file when publishing the rest of the Web' option.

    4. Save and close the page

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