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Archive of FrontPage 'Handovers' information:

What are they?

We provide a one-to-one web handover session for main departmental web editors to show you how web pages are edited and published under our production process. The session lasts about two hours, after which access permission is granted to modify your website.

Who are they for?

Handover training sessions are only available to permanent members of LSE staff, and only for main editors of sites that are within the LSE production process.

Web Services will provide training for the main editor of each site. Any secondary editors must be trained by the main editor (using the handover training notes provided by Web Services). Main editors wishing to refresh their knowledge before training secondary editors may come to web surgery for a refresher. See Policy on training and support for web editors for further details.

What happens?

The handover takes place in W301, which is on the third floor of Tower 3 - access via third floor of Tower 2. It is provided by Sue Wood, Web Producer, who originally built your site.

It consists of an online presentation covering topics such as:

On an adjacent screen, you will have an opportunity to open Microsoft FrontPage and open and edit some pages within your own website, to give you some practical experience of how to do some of the topics covered.

How can I book one?

Email sue.wood@lse.ac.uk to arrange a suitable time.

Contents of the handover

The following is a list of the headings found in the handover tutorial:

The complete Handover notes for Windows XP users are available online, (Handover notes for Windows 2000 users are also still available).

There are additional notes for sites built using the V3 template with a navigation trail box.  See Handover notes for Windows XP users, (Handover notes for Windows 2000 users are also still available).

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