Page layout and flow

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NEW 2009 To all web editors:
See important new website about the migration of LSE websites into the Content Management System: CMS: migration

The layout of a page and the way in which its content flows is directly related to its usability and accessibility.

Within the context of the LSE website template, two layouts are possible:

Within both layouts, content is flowed from top left to bottom right.

The one column layout equates to a standard web page.

Two column layout is achieved using a table. See Creating a two-column layout.

There should be a good balance between content and space. Use a single blank line to separate each block of content making up the page ie headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, etc. This should not be achieved using line breaks unless unavoidable. The RETURN key should be used in MS FrontPage to end one block and begin another.

Within the two column layout, content should not be flowed across columns, either left to right or from the end of one column to the start of the next.

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