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Chelsea Milsom
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Ribale Sleiman Haidar

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Research at the MEC

The MEC conducts and facilitates original research on the politics, societies and economics of the region. Research is conducted by Centre staff, academics based in other LSE departments and by Visiting Fellows. Through the Emirates PhD Awards programme, the MEC also offers financial assistance to LSE PhD students in their final year, supporting fieldwork and original research.

Current Projects

Tannery Fez62x86

Egypt’s and Morocco’s GVC Integration in a Changing Global Economy

Principal Investigators
Dr Shamel Azmeh (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr. Abeer Elshennawy (American University in Cairo)


(Re) imagining young Muslim women? Comparing public responses to Ms Marvel in non-Muslim (UK) and Muslim (UAE) societies

Principal Investigators
Dr Jennifer Jackson-Preece (European Institute, LSE)
Dr Badreya Al-Jenaibi (United Arab Emirates University)


The Regulation of Palestinian Everyday Life

Principal Investigators
Professor Chetan Bhatt (Centre for the Study of Human Rights, LSE)
Dr Mudar Kassis (Birzeit University)

ZK Project 62x86

The Complexity of Humanitarian Response to IDPs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Principal Investigators
Dr Zeynep Kaya (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr Deniz Gokalp (American University in Dubai)


Mortality and Health Survey among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Principal Investigators
Professor Tim Dyson (Department of International Development, LSE)
Dr Nazar Shabila (Hawler Medical University)


Advancing research and teaching in political economy in the oPt

Principal Investigators
Dr Mandy Turner (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr AbdelKarim Barghouti (Birzeit University)


Ideas, Identity and Migration: Connectivity in Security and State Building in the GCC

Principal Investigators
Dr Karen Young (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr Robert Stewart (National Defense College in Abu Dhabi)

grafitti Tunisia_photo by CMA6286

Personalized Media and Participatory Culture

 Principal Investigators
Dr Shakuntala Banaji (Department of Media and Communications, LSE)
Dr Mohammed Ibahrine (American University of Sharjah)


Policy Mobilities, Urban Politics and Assemblage: A View from Lebanon

Principal Investigators
Dr Romola Sanyal (Department of Geography and Environment, LSE)
Dr Mona Harb (American University of Beirut)
Dr Mona Fawaz (American University of Beirut) 


Mapping Foreign Policy in the GCC: Resources, Recipients and Regional Effects

Principal Investigators
Professor Toby Dodge (Department of International Relations, LSE)
Dr Khalid Almezaini (Qatar University)
Dr Line Khatib (American University of Sharjah) 


Arab National Media and Politics: Democracy Revisited

Principal Investigators
Dr Fatima El-Issawi (Department of Media and Communications, LSE)
Dr Bradley Freeman (American University in Dubai)


Capacity Building in International Relations Didactics: Addressing the Educational Gap in Tunisia

Principal Investigators
Dr Filippo Dionigi (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr Corinna Mullin (Tunis Business School, University of Tunis)


Examining Emirati Female Labor Force Participation and Entrepreneurship in the UAE: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Principal Investigators
Dr Berkay Ozcan (Department of Social Policy, LSE)
Dr Gina Poncini (Khalifa University)
Dr Wifag Adnan (NYU Abu Dhabi)


Past Projects


Trust, Constitution and the Process of Subjectification among Tunisian Youth

Principal Investigators
Dr Aitemad Muhanna-Matar (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr James Sater (American University of Sharjah)


Women’s Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt): Inclusion and Exclusion

Principal Investigators
Dr Ernestina Coast (Department of Social Policy, LSE)
Professor Rita Giacaman (Birzeit University)


Gentrification and Neighbourhood Change in Ras Beirut

Principal Investigators
Dr Fran Tonkiss (Department of Sociology, LSE)
Dr Cynthia Myntti (American University of Beirut)


Understanding the Role of International Actors in Enhancing Women’s Rights after a Foreign Military Intervention: A Case Study of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Principal Investigators
Dr Zeynep Kaya (Middle East Centre, LSE)
Dr Deniz Gokalp (American University in Dubai)


Transboundary Climate Security: Climate Vulnerability and Human Security in the Jordan River Basin

Principal Investigators
Dr Michael Mason (Department of Geography and Environment. LSE)
Dr Ziad Mimi (Birzeit University)


The Palimpsest of Agrarian Change

Principal Investigators
Dr Martha Mundy (Department of Anthropology, LSE)
Dr Rami Zurayk (American University of Beirut)


LSE Academic Collaboration with the American University of Sharjah

Principal Investigators
Professor Fawaz Gerges (Department of International Relations, LSE)
Dr Mark Rush (American University of Sharjah)


Women's Political Participation across the Arab Region: Mapping of Existing and New Emerging Forces in the Region

Principal Investigator
Dr Aitemad Muhanna-Matar (Middle East Centre, LSE)


Egypt in the Arab Spring: Multidisciplinary Research Perspectives

Principal Investigators
Dr Jasmine Gani (Department of International Relations, LSE)
Dr Ola El Khawaga (Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences (FEPS), Cairo University)