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Middle East Centre
London School of Economics and Political Science
Tower 1, 10th Floor, Room 10.01
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Sandra Sfeir
+44 (0)20 7955 6198


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About the LSE Middle East Centre

Welcome to the LSE Middle East Centre

The LSE Middle East Centre opened in 2010. It builds on LSE's long engagement with the Middle East and provides a central hub for the wide range of research on the region carried out at LSE.

The  Middle East Centre aims to enhance understanding and develop rigorous research on the societies, economies, polities, and international relations of the region. The Centre promotes both specialized knowledge and public understanding of this crucial area and has outstanding strengths in inter-disciplinary research and in regional expertise. As one of the world's leading social science institutions, LSE comprises departments covering all branches of the social sciences. The Middle East Centre harnesses this expertise to promote innovative interdisciplinary research and training on the region.

The Middle East Centre engages in a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Promoting open and critical debate about the politics, societies and economics of the Middle East and North Africa;
  • Disseminating knowledge about the Middle East through Centre’s lectures, web resources, and publications and through LSE, community and media activities;
  • Fostering research and training among LSE and visiting scholars and students;
  • Providing a rich research environment for the development of new scholars;
  • Establishing and cultivating ties with Middle East institutions;
  • Stimulating collaboration with scholars in other international institutions;

The Middle East Centre does not run degree programmes and does not supervise PhD students. Students interested in studying at LSE should explore the various teaching departments.

The Middle East Centre was established with support from the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy and the Aman Trust.