Richard Titmuss Biography

Richard Titmuss - a biography in progress

The biography forms part of a series of biographies of key health figures funded by LSE’s Brian Abel-Smith Memorial Fund.

Titmuss, initially almost single-handedly, created the academic field of social administration (what we would now call social policy) in Britain.

Professor John Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Health History at Glasgow Caledonian University, has been commissioned by the LSE, to write a biography on Richard Titmuss, academic, Labour Party advisor and founder of the field of Social Policy.

 John Stewart visited LSE to discuss Titmuss and his contribution to the shaping of the NHS and health and welfare reform more generally. You can download the podcast here. 

Professor Stewart has also written a piece for the Fabian Society exploring what Titmuss’ work can tell us about the left’s view of social welfare in the sixties. Read it here.