Strategy on Climate Change of the Lao PDR

The objective of the strategy is to secure a future where the Lao PDR is capable of mitigating and adapting to changing climatic conditions in a way that promotes sustainable economic development, reduces poverty, protects public health and safety, enhances the quality of Lao PDR’s natural environment, and advances the quality of life for all Lao people.

It seeks to 1) reinforce Sustainable Development Goals of the Lao PDR, including measures to achieve low-carbon economic growth, 2) increase resilience of key sectors of the national economy and natural resources to climate change and its impacts, 3) enhance cooperation, strong alliances and partnerships with national stakeholders and international partners to implement the national development goals, and 4) improve public awareness and understanding of various stakeholders about climate change, vulnerabilities and impacts, GHG emission sources and their relative contributions, and of how climate change will impact the country’s economy, in order to increase stakeholder willingness to take actions.

The document discusses key strategic priorities, mitigation and adaptation options for different sectors, incluing agriculture, forestry and land use, energy and transport.

Quantified targets

65% reforestation for carbon sequestration by 2015, then 70% by 2020

LULUCF | Afforestation | Trajectory Target | Base year: 2015, 2020

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