Myanmar National Climate Change Policy

The National Climate Change Policy, published alongside the National Environment Policy, aims at creating a more robust policy framework to make sure that investment and development plans at all levels tackle climate change-related challenges. It further seeks to identify and make use of the benefits of  a low-carbon, sustainable path forward.

The document establishes sectoral guidelines on 1) food and water security, 2) ecosystems, 3) low-carbon growth, 4) urban and rural urbanisation, 5) human wellbeing and health, and 6) public awareness and research. In that regard, it stresses the need to 1) pass more laws and adopt more regulations with regard to climate change in a cross-cutting manner, 2) improve the institutional framework, 3) enhance the national capabilities and international potential to foster climate-sensitive budgets, 4) capacity-building, 5) research, 6) partnerships, 7) transparency, and 8) monitoring.

This Policy adopts the Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Master Plan to be implemented for the period 2018-2030.


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