Emission performance standards for new passenger cars (Regulation (EC) No. 443/2009 setting emission performance standards for new passenger cars as part of the Community’s integrated approach to reduce CO2 emissions from light-duty vehicles)

This legislation sets emission performance standards for new passenger cars. Car manufacturers must ensure by 2015 that average annual CO2 emissions do not exceed 130g CO2/km. A target of 95g/km is specified for the year 2020.

In 2012, 65% of each manufacturer’s newly registered cars must comply on average with the limit value curve set by the legislation. This will rise to 75% in 2013, 80% in 2014, and 100% from 2015 onwards.

Commission to report on implementation by 2010 and to publish performance indicators for each manufacturer, highlighting success or failure to comply (by 31 October each year, beginning in 2011). Until 2018 manufacturers have to pay an excess emissions premium for each car registered if average CO2 emissions of a manufacturer’s fleet exceed its limit value in any year from 2012.

Quantified targets

Average emissions of 95 g CO2/km as average emissions for the new car fleet, in accordance with Article 13(5) by 2020

Transportation | General | Fixed Level Target | Base year: 2009

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