Climate Change Laws of the World

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Decree No. 86/012 Approving the Uruguayan Energy Savings and Efficiency Trust (Uruguay / 2012 / Executive)

One of the Trust’s responsibilities is to promote energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Decree-Law 56/2012 on the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA I.P) (Portugal / 2012 / Executive)

The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA I.P) was established through the Decree-Law 56/2012, replacing the earlier Climate Change Commission (1998). Operating within the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (MAOTE), … read more »

Decree-Law No. 26/2012 establishing the Environmental Basic Law (Timor L'este / 2012 / Legislative)

Provides that the State should implement the necessary adaptation and mitigation measures to climate change to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, their removal by sinks … read more »

Delta Act on Water Safety and Fresh Water Supply (Delta Act) (Netherlands / 2012 / Legislative)

This Act is designed to protect the country from risks associated with sea level rise, soil subsidence, drier periods and extreme rainfall. It establishes the following (so-called 5 Dutch Ds … read more »

Disaster Management Act (Bangladesh / 2012 / Legislative)

The objectives of the Act are substantial reduction of the overall risks of disasters to an acceptable level with appropriate risk reduction interventions; effective implementation of post disaster emergency response; … read more »

Disaster Risk Management Act, 2012 (Namibia / 2012 / Legislative)

Namibia’s Disaster Risk Management Act, 2012 establishes the country’s disaster risk management institutions, including the national and sub-national Disaster Risk Management Committees, the Namibia Vulnerability Assessment Committee, and the Disaster … read more »

Electricity Tariff Reform (2012) (Brunei Darussalam / 2012 / Executive)

The Electricity Tariff Reform introduces a 4-tier tariff structure for residential customers.

Emissions Trading Act (Liechtenstein / 2012 / Legislative)

This law indends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within and outside Liechtenstein, and implement the EEA legislation on emissions trading. The targets are similar to EU commitments. The document details … read more »

Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2012, Number 3 of 2012 (Ireland / 2012 / Legislative)

The Act contains a host of provisions relating to the Energy Act, including the creation of an Energy Efficiency Fund and a mechanism by which enforceable requirements may be placed … read more »

Energy Act (Seychelles / 2012 / Legislative)

This Act repeals and replaces the Seychelles Energy Commission Act 2010, and notably makes provisions for renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Commission is notably in charge of designing tariffs … read more »

Energy Act (Croatia / 2012 / Legislative)

This document implements the Third EU Energy Package into Croatian law. It sets further measures related to security of supply, power generation and use. Art. 26 determines the feed-in tariffs … read more »

Energy Agreement 2012-2020 (Denmark / 2012 / Legislative)

Comprehensive agreement passed by a majority in the parliament that aims at reducing emissions via energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energies towards a green socio-economic transition. The … read more »

Energy Conservation Act (Chapter 92C) (Singapore / 2012 / Legislative)

This Act mandates energy efficiency requirements and energy management practices, to promote energy conservation, improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of energy use. Under the Act, large energy … read more »

Energy Efficiency (Directive 2012/27/EU, amending Directives 2009/125/EC and 2010/30/EU and repealing Directives 2004/8/EC and 2006/32/EC) (European Union / 2012 / Legislative)

The Directive aims to achieve an EU-wide energy savings of 15% by 2020, which translates into no more than 1,474 Mtoe primary energy or no more than 1,078 Mtoe of … read more »

Energy Efficiency Strategy Paper 2012-2023 (Turkey / 2012 / Executive)

This ‘strategy paper’ is an executive policy annex to the 2007 Energy Efficiency Law. The Paper was approved by the Higher Planning Council (YPK) and aims to detail a set … read more »

Energy Policy (Micronesia / 2012 / Executive)

The Energy Policy aims to reduce the dependence on imported sources of energy and on fluctuating energy prices, by increasing share of renewable energy in the energy mix, cross-sectoral energy … read more »

Energy Sources Regulations – The Energy Sources Regulations (Minimal Energetic Efficiency for Indoor Light Bulb) (Israel / 2012 / Executive)

The regulations set minimum energy efficiency requirements for light bulbs and ban the import, manufacture for use in Israel, sale or marketing of electric light bulbs that don’t meet the … read more »

Environmental Code (Delegated Decree no 44 of April 27th, 2012) (San Marino / 2012 / Legislative)

The Environmental Code is a broad text setting San Marin’s legal framework to combat all forms of pollution, including atmospheric pollution, and protect the human and natural wellbeing in the … read more »

Environmental Protection Act (pollutant release and transfer – reporting and registry obligations), 2012 (Israel / 2012 / Legislative)

This law, modelled on the European Union’s PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register), sets a requirement for industrial plants to report emissions of various pollutants, and to report their annual … read more »

Executive Order on the Continuation of the Liberia Rural and Renewable Energy Agency and the Rural Energy Fund (No. 37 of 2012) (Liberia / 2012 / Executive)

This document reaffirms the government’s commitment to meet the National Energy Policy objective of fostering economic development in rural areas by establishing the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency and Rural … read more »

Fiji National Climate Change Policy (Fiji / 2012 / Executive / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

The National Climate Change Policy sets Fiji’s vision on combating and adapting to climate change, taking into account the country’s expected climate-related impacts and its status as a Small Island … read more »

Food and Nutrition Security Policy and Plan of Action (Saint Kitts and Nevis / 2012 / Executive)

The Food and Nutrition Security Policy aims at promoting rational food choices and healthy lifestyles by the population. It further seeks to enhance the resilience of food supplies in front … read more »

General Law on Climate Change (Mexico / 2012 / Legislative / Mitigation and adaptation Framework)

The approval of the GLCC gives certainty and continuity to climate policy in Mexico and sets the country on a path to a low carbon economy. It establishes the basis … read more »

Global Strategy for a Sustainable Mobility (MODU) (Luxembourg / 2012 / Executive)

The Global Strategy for a Sustainable Mobility (MODU) was published in 2012 to present an integrated approach over the question of sustainability in transport. MODU’s goals are to enhance mobility, … read more »

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (Australia / 2012 / Legislative)

The Act promotes the development and adoption of products that use less energy, produce fewer GHGs, or contribute to the reducing of energy or GHGs produced by other products. It … read more »