2018 Exhibitions


Who Cares? Women, Care and Welfare

This exhibition draws on LSE Library’s collections and looks at women’s roles in caring positions in society and how these have been shaped, exploited and challenged. The 75th anniversary of the publication of the Beveridge Report is an apt moment to look at the roles which women have undertaken within the context of care work and broader social welfare.


Behind the Indian Boom: Inequality and Resistance at the heart of economic growth

What does India’s booming growth mean for the poorest on whose land and labour it is based? "Behind the Indian Boom” travels across the country to meet its Adivasis and Dalits - low castes and tribal communities - historically stigmatised as ‘untouchable’ and ‘wild’, who remain at the bottom of its social and economic hierarchies, and who account for one in twenty-five people in the world.