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Gain deep understanding of the forces that underpin business, management, public policy and human behaviour


What underlies the interconnections between our countries and economies? What drives the production of goods and services that flows around our world? You cannot fully understand the decisions that nations, governments, organisations and individuals make, without first understanding economics.

Economics is the science that explains how we create and distribute our resources, our goods and our services – it underpins all business, management, public policy and even human behaviour.

LSE is home to Europe’s foremost, highest-ranking Department of Economics. All LSE Summer School Economics courses leverage our world-class faculty: expertise, thought-leadership and game-changing research that informs policies on climate change, growth and economic stability at a global level.

Whether you choose to focus on microeconomics or macroeconomics, financial markets, behavioural economics, public finance or advanced econometrics, Economics at LSE Summer School brings you right to the source of knowledge. You will learn from the very finest minds, and alongside peers from all over the world: people who, like you, aspire to understand the why as well as the how – to know the cause of things – and to bring that understanding to the benefit of their industry and their career.

You will emerge with a world-class toolkit of knowledge, insights and practicable frameworks to tackle the most pressing problems ahead of businesses and institutions today, and to deliver real-world impact in your future profession. 

LSE ranked #1 university in Europe for Economics in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023.

Dr Gharad Bryan gives an overview of his course, EC307: Development Economics

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EC210: Inequality and Poverty Analysis

This course provides an introduction to the analysis and measurement of inequality and poverty from a quantitative perspective.

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The fundamentals of my course are covered at my home institution, but the summer school course gives me an extra breadth into how the industry works. It’s been a really good experience in diversifying my skill set.


Find information about our Faculty and their research

Dr Gharad Bryan

Summer School Programme Director, Economics - Associate Professor of Economics

Professor Olivier Accominotti


Dr Felipe Carozzi

Assistant Professor of Urban Economics & Economic Geography

Dr Jordan Claridge

Assistant Professor

Professor Riccardo Crescenzi

Professor of Economic Geography

Professor Neil Cummins

Professor of Economic History

Professor Torun Dewan

Professor of Political Science

Dr Andrew Ellis

Lecturer in Economics

Professor Tatiana Komarova

Guest Lecturer

Professor Valentino Larcinese

Professor in Public Policy

Professor Neil Lee

Professor of Economic Geography

Dr Jason Lennard

Assistant Professor of Economic History

Dr Matthew Levy

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Antonio Mele

Associate Professor of Economics (Education) - Undergraduate Programme Director

Dr Francesco Nava

Lecturer in Economics

Professor Eric Neumayer

Professor of Environment and Development, Department of Geography and Environment and Pro-Director (Pro-Vice Chancellor) Planning and Resources of the LSE

Professor Taisuke Otsu

Professor of Econometrics

Dr Jonathan de Quidt

Guest Lecturer

Professor Albrecht Ritschl

Professor of Economic History

Professor Joan Roses

Professor in Economic History

Dr Thomas Sampson

Associate Professor of Economics

Dr Christopher Sandmann

Assistant Professor of Economics

Professor Mike Savage

Martin White Professor of Sociology

Dr Marcia Schafgans

Associate Professor of Economics

Dr Pasquale Schiraldi

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Kevin Sheedy

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr Kate Smith

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr Jose Vasquez

Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy

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