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Course Spotlight - LL202: Commercial Law

An interview with Joey Lim, who took LL202 at Summer School 2022.

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We sat down with Joey, who took the course LL202: Commercial Law in 2022, to find out what she learnt whilst at LSE and the highlights of her course. 


Why did you decide to attend LSE Summer School?

I decided to attend LSE Summer School because of the incredible experiences shared by others from my university who had attended the Summer School before. I was also attracted by the high ranking LSE holds in the field of law. I wanted to maximise my exchange experience and thought LSE would be the best university for that.

Why did you choose LL202?

I chose LL202 because I work in a commercial law firm and plan to pursue a career in the field of commercial law. Being a Commonwealth country, the commercial law course at my university in Australia was similar to the course offered by LSE, so I felt assured that I would acquire the necessary knowledge from LSE for the purposes of furthering my degree in Australia.

Tell us about an average day as a student on LL202.

We had a lecture from 9:30-12:30pm, then an hour lunch break, followed by a tutorial from 1:30-3:00pm. The lectures were for learning content, but there were always discussions throughout, as our lecturer, Paul, was very friendly and encouraging of different opinions. The tutorials consisted of solving a problem question based on the content we had learnt that morning. They were highly interactive as we worked in groups and were very useful for the final exam.

What was your favourite part of LL202?

My favourite part was the lecturers. They were all very friendly people who spoke to us outside of class about our experiences at Summer School. They gave us coffee breaks during the class, and chatted with us during the breaks. They explained the concepts clearly, and were always open to questions. They always encouraged discussions as all the students had different perspectives and this enhanced our learning experience significantly.

The content of the course was also relatively simple to grasp having come with a thorough understanding of common law.

What advice would you give to students considering LL202?

If you listen intently in class, participate in the tutorials and group activities, you will be able to keep on top of the content easily without having to do extra study outside of school hours. Make sure to make good notes – copy everything on the lecture slides into 1 document and annotate them with your notes in class, then you can condense your big set of notes into a summarised version to study/memorise for the final exam. Doing this meant I did not have to do any study in the afternoons after class or on the weekends other than to complete the mid-session assignment and during the last few days to study for the final exam. I spent my weekends and nights exploring London with my classmates and would highly recommend this way of studying!

What are your short-term professional goals?

I wish to commence my legal career in a commercial law firm as a graduate, rotating through different practice teams so that I can expand my experiences before settling into one team as a solicitor.

Was meeting and talking to other students on your course easy?

Yes! We were all there because we had a shared interest in learning British commercial law, and being all around the same age, we connected with each other very easily. We hung out every lunch break and explored the city after school and on the weekends.

What would be your top tip for future Summer School students?

My top tip would be to maximise the time you have – work hard during school hours and have some carefree, well-deserved fun after school and on weekends! I would also recommend everyone to keep an open mind when interacting with other students, as everyone comes from different cities around the world, and learning from each other to look at things from different perspectives will greatly enrich your life experiences!

How has LL202 helped you in your undergraduate degree/career plans?

Commercial law was a compulsory subject for my undergraduate degree, so completing the Summer School course allowed me to become one step closer to obtaining my Bachelor of Laws. It has also become a valuable addition to my resume, and served as an interesting topic of conversation during my interviews at law firms! Completing LL202 showcased my global-oriented mindset and enthusiasm to expand my commercial acumen to potential employers.

What was your favourite part of studying at LSE?

My favourite part was the friends I made from the course. The Welcome Drinks on the first night was a great event to socialise with all the students enrolled in a law course; everyone was able to bond with each other effortlessly. Studying at LSE with the friends I made significantly enhanced my experience at the Summer School.