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When and where to register for LSE Summer School, and what to bring

At registration, you will be given your ID card and a registration pack, which includes details of how to set up IT accounts and gain internet access on campus and in halls. The registration pack will also contain a lecture timetable. All students must register before attending a course.

Registration dates and venues

Please find registration information below. Further information regards to timings and locations will follow soon.

All registration events will take place on campus.

See the map

  • If you are attending more than one session it is only necessary to register once, before your first day of teaching.
  • It will not be possible to register for the Summer School before the following dates.

Preparatory English for Session 1
Monday 15 June 2020

Session 1
Sunday 21 June 2020

Preparatory English for Session 2
Monday 6 July 2020

Session 2
Sunday 12 July 2020

Preparatory English for Session 3
Monday 27 July 2020

Session 3
Sunday 2 August 2020

What to bring

1)  Passport

UK visa regulations require LSE to check that all students, including UK nationals, are legally permitted to study under UKBA guidelines. All students must present a valid passport/EU ID card (copies will not be accepted) at Registration. If you do not bring your passport, you will not be allowed to register. No exceptions will be made.

Visa nationals will need to provide a valid visa confirming entitlement to study in the UK.

Non-visa nationals do not have to apply for a visa in advance, but will on arrival in the UK, still need to obtain permission to enter the UK on a Short-term Student Visa. Passports will usually be stamped at the point of entry.

2)  LSE ID number

What to do when you arrive

Please help us to register you as quickly and as smoothly as possible:

  1. Join the queue by surname (family name)
  2. Have your passport or EU ID card ready before you reach the desk. You CANNOT register without this under any circumstances
  3. Have open your photo page and (if non-EU) your entry stamp/visa page
  4. If possible have your LSE ID number to hand
  5. Once registered you will receive your LSE ID card, registration pack and first-day timetable
  6. After you have registered, follow the signs to join a campus tour and register your IT account.