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Handover training sessions are only available to permanent members of LSE staff, and only for editors of sites that are within the LSE production process.

Web Services will provide training for the main editor of each site. Any secondary editors must be trained by the main editor (using the handover training notes provided by Web Services). Main editors wishing to refresh their knowledge before training secondary editors may come to web surgery for a refresher.

No web editor may be given access to edit LSE website sites until the main editor informs web services that they have been trained satisfactorily.

Exceptional circumstances

In the event that there is no trained web editor for a site, we can offer the following solutions:

You should schedule a handover training session as soon as possible. You are strongly advised to arrange for web editors to be replaced and trained as soon as you know they will be leaving, as web services do not have the resources to maintain sites on your behalf in the period between an editor leaving and a new one being trained.


The following support services are available only to web editors whose sites are within the LSE production process:

The Web Editors' Handbook is available to all web editors and interested parties.

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