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The Head of Web Services, acting under the authority of the Library and Information Services Committee, may at any time make changes to this policy.


Operational and ratified by LISC.


The LSE website is a mission-critical service. It provides for both internal and external users.

In keeping with LSE’s culture(s), provision of these services is based upon on a ‘federal’ model: partnership is key. The LSE website is the product of around 350 staff and students working as web editors in partnership with the Web Services team.

A standard of quality in this context is achieved by setting the boundaries and allowing partners the freedom to operate within these.

The need for a standard of quality is required by the following, taken from LSE's Strategic Plan for 2006-11:

Priority 3 - Engage with the wider community

iii) Enhancing externally facing activities at local, regional, national, and international levels using alumni where possible

Priority 1 - Maintain excellence in teaching with high quality student support services

ii) Academic support services

iii) Administrative services

v) The alumni experience after studying at LSE

vi) Increasing satisfaction with the staff experience

Priority 5 - Focus resources to deliver priorities

v) Delivering a better value-for-money service in order to ensure appropriate administrative services for enhanced volumes

These goals can be summarised as follows:

  1. Compliance – Provision at or above the standard ensures web services that are within the constraints set by law, regulation and guidance
  2. Performance – Provision at or above the standard decreases the time spent by users trying to meet their information needs and increases the probability that their needs will be met
  3. Perception – Provision at or above the standard contributes to positive rather than negative perceptions of the School and its parts
  4. Efficiency – Provision at or above the standard reduces the workload on all staff involved in provision and facilitates better coordination between them

The guide enshrines the standard of quality required whilst the policy ensures that it is attained and maintained with respect to the LSE website. This will be achieved through an ongoing audit of the LSE website to ensure that its parts are provided at or above the standard of quality.

Definition of terms


The Best Practice Guide for Web Services defines the standard of quality required of the LSE website.

The LSE website will be continually review by the Corporate Web Editor to ensure that all parts pass the standard.

Prior to reviewing a part of the LSE website, the Corporate Web Editor will notify the web editor(s) responsible and if appropriate negotiate a schedule for the review.

Parts which fall short of the standard will be corrected by the Corporate Web Editor during the review.

In cases where parts fall short of the standard on priority issues, access to those parts will be prevented until corrected by the Corporate Web Editor during the review.

Upon completing the review of a part, the Corporate Web Editor will brief the web editor(s) responsible to promote best practice.

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