Participant profile: Jamie Parker

MP for Balmain, New South Wales

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the interaction of policy, planning and urban development especially with a view to creating liveable cities.
Jamie Parker, MP for Balmain, New South Wales

Jamie Parker is the MP for Balmain, New South Wales in Australia. He studied on the 5 day intensive Cities: Governance, Planning and Design course.

Making our cities more liveable.

As a Member of Parliament in Australia it’s critical to have a clear vision for how a modern city can and should be built. The Cities: Governance, Planning and Design course at LSE gave me the opportunity to step out of the day-to-day of my role in parliament, build my skills and knowledge, and gain some exposure to how the challenges of urbanisation are being managed.

I came to the course aiming to get a better understanding of how great global, liveable cities are built, and looking forward to getting real insight into the academic debates on urbanisation and urban development as well as some exposure to practical applications. It delivered.

The participant cohort was one of the major highlights for me. This course brings together a diverse range of leaders from business, government and not-for-profit, all united by a passion for liveable cities. I learned so much from my colleagues about what is happening in their backyards and the strides they have made towards making their cities more liveable. LSE faculty were also  thoroughly engaging, interactive and provided fantastic up to date evidence. 

Coming away from the course, I feel have developed a real understanding of how planning happens in different jurisdictions,  as well as specific learnings around conceptualisation of public space, housing affordability measures and the critical role of public transport. It was very much worth the trip from the antipodes!