Participant profile: Henning Prigge

Head of Acquisition & Asset Management, InvestInvent AG

The wide variety of people, companies and issues represented within the cohort means that different participants present with an interesting range of investment strategies
Henning Prigge, Head of Acquisition and Asset Management, InvestInvent AG

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Henning Prigge is the Head of Acquisition & Asset Management at InvestInvent AG in Germany. He studied on the 5 day intensive Effective Asset Management course.

A global reputation

I initially looked to executive study to broaden my professional horizons. I wanted to step away from my daily business, see which strategies other companies were working on and explore new business cases. LSE’s Effective Asset Management programme was definitely the right fit for me, both in terms of curriculum and also because it gave me the opportunity to study state of the art asset management in a famous financial centre. And of course, being in London was a great chance to practice and improve my language skills!

All the faculty on this programme are extremely highly qualified – that was another clear attraction. It’s headed by Professor Chris Polk who has taught widely around the globe at the very best business schools. He has a real passion for his subject and managed to make a short and intensive course entertaining and interactive; there was a lot of discussion time with other students which kept up my interest levels and meant I stayed engaged throughout. 

I was really surprised at how international this course is. In my cohort there were participants from as far afield as Australia and the US; the fact that people are willing to fly all the way around the globe for 5 days just for this programme speaks volumes about LSE’s strong reputation. The wide variety of people, companies and issues represented within the cohort also means that different participants present with an interesting range of strategies. At InvestInvent we invest only in renewable energies, but I was studying alongside people who work for organisations who focus only on dividends and returns, something which is not in line with our cleantech strategy. It was fascinating to learn more about their approaches. With renewable energy investments at least, we are definitely the dolphins in the investment market, not the sharks! 

Implementing new perspectives

There were a number of key takeaways from the Effective Asset Management programme. We focused on concrete business cases which raised issues that I was perhaps aware of but hadn’t thought about deeply since I finished my original studies over ten years ago. It was helpful to come at things again from different angles and to remind myself to use other tools and frameworks. I’ve found the programme to be a great bridge between very complex formulas during my studies and sitting at work in front of spreadsheets to apply them.

At InvestInvent we are very specialised in our investment approach, but the Effective Asset Management programme has enabled me to think about and implement things with a different perspective. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the industry through a new lens.