For research students

The information contained in this section is relevant to all MRes/PhD and MPhil/PhD programmes for the 2023/24 academic year.

Information for regulations, local rules and Classification Schemes relating to students who studied at the School during 2022/23 can be found on the School Regulations 2022/23 pages. Students who studied at the School prior to 2022/23 can search for the School Regulations for their year of entry in the Previous Academic Sessions.

The School reserves the right at all times to withdraw, suspend or alter particular courses and syllabuses, and to alter the level of fees. Courses are on occasion capped (limited to a maximum number of students) or subject to entry conditions requiring the approval of the course convenor. The School cannot guarantee that places on specific courses will be available.

Course and programme information

Programme regulations (MRes/PhD and MPhil/PhD)

Research course guides

Summary of 2023/24 graduate course and programme changes

School and academic regulations

During your period of study at the School there are various regulations that apply to you:

Regulations relating to academic study

Regulations for research degrees: set out the 'ground rules' for your degree.

General academic regulations for all postgraduate students entering in or after the 2023/24 academic year

Statement on editorial help

Informed consent

Code of research conduct

Research ethics policy and procedure

PhD remediation and withdrawal policy

Fitness to study

Extensions, Deferrals and Exceptional Circumstances for all postgraduate students

Regulations relating to assessment offences
The School uses two sets of regulations in this area: one covering plagiarism and one covering all other academic offences.

Regulations on assessment offences (2021/22 session)

Regulations on assessment offences (2022/23 session)

Regulations on assessment offences (2023/24 session)

Regulations relating to appeals, complaints and disciplinary matters

Appeals regulations for research students

Student complaint procedure: helps you to resolve any problems that may rise during your programme of study.

Disciplinary procedure for students: sets out a number of standards to which the School expects you to keep and makes it possible for an investigation to take place if those standards are breached.

Regulations relating to School services

Library rules

Information security policy

Conditions of use of IT facilities


Data protection

LSE Intellectual Property Policy

Lecture Recording Policy

Policies relating to students and staff

Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policy statement

Ethics code

Policy on smoking

Policy on trans staff and students

Safeguarding policy

School disability policy

Sexual harassment and sexual violence policy

Student drugs and alcohol policy

Student drugs and alcohol procedure

Speak Up (Whistleblowing) policy

For other policies and procedures not listed here, please refer to the Policies and Procedures website.