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MSc in Political Science (Global Politics)

Programme Code: TMPGLPO

Department: Government

For students starting this programme of study in 2023/24

Guidelines for interpreting programme regulations

Classification scheme for the award of a taught master's degree (four units)
Exam sub-board local rules

Please note that places are limited on some optional courses. Admission onto any particular course is not guaranteed and may be subject to timetabling constraints and/or students meeting specific prerequisite requirements.


Course number, title (unit value)

Paper 1

GV481 Quantitative Analysis for Political Science (0.5) or


GV4N1 Qualitative Analysis for Political Science (0.5)

Paper 2

GV4N3 The Politics of Globalization (1.0)

Paper 3

Courses to the value of 1.5 unit(s) from the following:


DV413 Environmental Problems and Development Interventions (0.5) #


DV415 Global Environmental Governance (0.5)


DV418 African Development (0.5)


DV421 Critical Perspectives on Global Health and Development (0.5)


DV424 International Institutions and Late Development (0.5)


DV434 Human Security (0.5)


DV460 Bayesian Reasoning for Qualitative Social Science: A modern approach to case study inference (0.5) #


EH446 Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia (1.0) #


EH483 The Development and Integration of the World Economy in the 19th and 20th Centuries (1.0)


EU443 European Models of Capitalism (0.5)


EU457 Culture and Security in Global Politics (0.5)


EU481 The Future: Political Responses to a Challenge (0.5)


EU4A2 Globalisation, Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction (0.5)


EU4A4 The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution (0.5)


GI409 Gender, Globalisation and Development: An Introduction (0.5)


GI420 Global Development and Its Discontents: Feminist Perspectives (0.5)


GI421 Sexuality, Gender and Culture (0.5) #


GI422 Transnational Sexual Politics (1.0) 1


GI423 Globalisation and Sexuality (0.5) # 2


GV441 States and Markets (0.5)


GV444 Democracy and Development in Latin America (0.5)


GV481 Quantitative Analysis for Political Science (0.5)


GV4A5 International Migration and Immigration Management (0.5)


GV4C9 Globalization and Democratization in Southeast Asia (0.5)


GV4D3 Local Power in an Era of Globalization, Democratization, and Decentralization (0.5)


GV4E1 Comparative Democratization in a Global Age (0.5)


GV4E2 Capitalism and Democracy (0.5)


GV4E8 Power Sharing and Institutional Design in Divided Societies (0.5)


GV4F2 Popular Politics in the Middle East (0.5)


GV4F9 The Challenges of Governance in sub-Saharan Africa (0.5)


GV4J4 Citizen Representation and Democracy in the European Union (0.5)


GV4J8 Middle East Politics in Transnational Perspective (0.5)


GV4K1 Opening Government: Transparency, Accountability, and Participation (0.5)


GV4K2 Postcolonial and Comparative Political Theory (0.5)


GV4K7 Conflict and Cooperation: Key Debates (0.5)


GV4K8 Global Public Policy (0.5)


GV4L3 Data Science Applications in Politics Research (0.5) #


GV4L5 Politics, Gender, and Development (0.5) #


GV4L7 Political Participation and Representation in Latin America (0.5)


HP412 Global Health Security (0.5)


IR412 International Institutions (1.0)


IR416 The EU in the World (1.0) #


IR419 International Relations of the Middle East (1.0) #


IR422 Conflict and Peacebuilding (1.0) #


IR429 Economic Diplomacy (1.0)


IR461 Islam in World Politics (1.0)


IR462 International Political Theory (0.5)


IR464 The Politics of International Law (0.5)


IR466 Genocide (0.5)


IR467 Global Environmental Politics (0.5)


IR479 Russia in World Politics (0.5) #


IR480 The Politics of Inequality and Development (0.5)


IR481 Europe, the US and Arab-Israeli Relations (0.5) #


IR489 Economic Diplomacy (0.5)


LL4C2 World Poverty and Human Rights (0.5) #


MG476 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards (0.5) #


Or any other option to the value of 0.5 unit, approved by the stream convenor.

Paper 4

GV499 Dissertation (1.0)

Prerequisite Requirements and Mutually Exclusive Options

# means there may be prerequisites for this course. Please view the course guide for more information.

1 : GI422 can not be taken with GI423

2 : GI423 can not be taken with GI422

Note for prospective students:
For changes to graduate course and programme information for the next academic session, please see the graduate summary page for prospective students. Changes to course and programme information for future academic sessions can be found on the graduate summary page for future students.