Not available in 2022/23
MG471      Half Unit
Chinese Economy: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth

This information is for the 2022/23 session.

Teacher responsible

Prof Ruixue Jia


This course is available on the CEMS Exchange, Global MSc in Management, Global MSc in Management (CEMS MIM), Global MSc in Management (MBA Exchange), MSc in Management (1 Year Programme) and MSc in Management and Strategy. This course is available with permission as an outside option to students on other programmes where regulations permit.

Course is available at the discretion of the Course Leader and following the admissions criteria of the Dept of Management.

Course content

Why has China been growing so fast in the past few decades? Is China’s economic growth sustainable? How do firms behave in such a quasi-market economy known for a lack of rule of law and weak property rights? The course is designed to investigate these topical questions and provide students with a general overview of existing research on China’s development, with emphasis on economic and management perspectives.

This course consists of lectures and group sessions related to China’s development, organized along the behaviour of firms. We will cover the following major topics:

1) Institutions: Firms in the shadows of governments

2) The State vs. the Private Ownership: what is the difference?

3) Entrepreneruship: who create the private firms?

4) Innovation:  does firms’ innovation follows the government or the market?

5) Chinese Investment Abroad: what are the consequences?

In addition, the course also aims to help students find topics for their future research such as their master thesis.


20 hours of lectures and 10 hours of seminars

Formative coursework

Each student is expected to present twice in this course with prepared slides.  Students will receive feedback on both substance and presentation skills.

Indicative reading

• Naughton, Barry J. The Chinese economy: Adaptation and growth. MIT Press, 2018. Chapter 14, 15

• Song, Zheng, Kjetil Storesletten, and Fabrizio Zilibotti. "Growing like china." American economic review 101, no. 1 (2011): 196-233.

• Hsieh, Chang-Tai, and Peter J. Klenow. "Misallocation and manufacturing TFP in China and India." The Quarterly journal of economics 124.4 (2009): 1403-1448.

• Chong-en Bai, Ruixue Jia, Hongbin Li and Xin Wang (2020), “Entrepreneurial Reluctance: Academic Talent and Firm Creation in China,” Working Paper

• Wei, Shang-Jin, Zhuan Xie, and Xiaobo Zhang. "From" Made in China" to" Innovated in China": Necessity, prospect, and challenges." Journal of Economic Perspectives 31.1 (2017): 49-70.

• Chen, Zhao, Zhikuo Liu, Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, and Daniel Yi Xu. Notching R&D investment with corporate income tax cuts in China. No. w24749. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2018.


Essay (50%), group presentation (40%) and class participation (10%) in the LT.

Key facts

Department: Management

Total students 2021/22: 14

Average class size 2021/22: 7

Controlled access 2021/22: Yes

Lecture capture used 2021/22: Yes (LT)

Value: Half Unit

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Personal development skills

  • Leadership
  • Self-management
  • Team working
  • Problem solving
  • Application of information skills
  • Communication